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A great workout routine

Today is a good day to exercise. That is right! Every day is a good day to exercise. No excuses! Go for a run or do some moves to be fit. If it is too cold for a run, find a large space where you can run in circles and do some stretching like in my gym Golden Gloves Fitness. Unless you are sick, you got to get out and do something! Even if you feel a bit queasy from that pizza or uneasy from too much sugar, this is a great time to work out! That’s right, when you feel a bit like crap, working out is an ideal time to boost energy and feel better. Now let’s go and go for a good workout schedule like this:

1. Stretchboxing,fitness,vaughan,boxing,golden,gloves,fitness,gym,training,York,region,men,workout
2. Go for a run
3. Do some light weights (under 15 lbs preferably)
4. Hit the light bags or do a light activity
5. Hit the hard bags
6. Do some skipping-rope
7. Hit the light bags again to introduce to your body that it is time to wind down
8. Do some abdominal work

And you are done! I hope that I inspired you to do some exercising because that is what we are here to do and that is to keep you moving! Always have a strong schedule and try to record your progress for the best outcome. We hope that you enjoyed our sample schedule but remember it is always good to change it up to spice your workouts up. Muscles tend to get used to the same exercise(s), so keep it interesting for you and your body, all the best to you and your physical achievements.

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