Boxing is all about quality, not quantity
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Boxing is all about quality, not quantity

You can throw as many punches as you want but they all can mean nothing if your not using precision. It is not about how many punches you throw but it is about how well you punch. What’s the point of punching if you are not going to do it right? What does it mean to punch correctly?

First and foremost make sure you land your punch properly. Start by practicing on a heavy bag. If you find that your wrist are bending when you punch, you are not punching correctly and you are giving your opponent an opening to sub-do you. Always make sure you punch with full focus.

Start by sharpening your hand-to-eye coordination. When you punch the bag, make sure you land your punch accurately and watch the power of precision do its work for you! The more precisely you punch, the stronger your punch will be. So, always, remember to take your time while training.

Boxing & Fitness Coach Alex instructing how to punch

Focus pads are also a great way to make your punches more effective. If you want quality, then you have to work on how you land those punches not only on bags, but with a coach on the other end too. Our boxing & fitness coach Alex pays great attention to the way you punch and has his very effective ways.

Alex does not let a single bad punch go by. He will have you punching professionally because he has a good eye for it. You can catch him many times being very enthusiastic with members when it comes to punching correctly at our boxing gym in Vaughan.

After the bag and sessions with the coach, you may proceed to sparring and it is during this round you will see how well you have sharpened your precision when it comes to punching. There is no point in swinging punches if you are only going to land half of them (and you will lose energy like this too).

Envision and focus how your punches are going to land, be it on your opponent or bag. With a full-throttle focus you will be able to work wonders in the ring. Stay focused on your mark and never let your eyes off your partner. This is real quality boxing.