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Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is offered at Golden Gloves Fitness that consists of our own gym’s style intensive training and SAMBO. The word SAMBO is abbreviated for self-defense without weapons in Russian. Combat training is taught to improve hand-to-hand combat skills and abilities.

The Russian Martials Arts

Slava and Opponent

Our type of combat sport in particular resembles modern mixed martial arts. The philosophy of Combat SAMBO is described as being quick and decisive against the opponent in order to achieve control of the fight. In particular, the martial art of SAMBO practices the discipline of a strict moral code. Our martial arts programs are designed to train students effectively with the use of proper techniques in any given dangerous situation.

Our trainer Slava at uses unique exercises to develop self-defense techniques by improving one’s mind, body, and spirit. Furthermore, he will teach how to defuse grappling, joint locks (head or arm locks), and how to prevent impact from different striking positions.

SAMBO can be described as a type of wrestling that is accepted as a sport by the international community. It also has a long and extensive history in the United States. In North America, it was described as a type of “freestyle wrestling”, shortly after the sport was fully recognized as a type of martial art internationally.

This type of martial art can be seen as self-defense because our trainer will place you in certain grappling locks and he will teach how to unravel out of them professionally. It is said that SAMBO is related to Judo. However, this martial art in particular addresses specifically counterattacks and retaliations.

SAMBO is a very useful skill to acquire because it teaches you self-defense strategies and techniques that allows you to reverse attacks against the opponent in the most effective manner. The benefits of SAMBO are endless, from strengthening the mind and body to being able to control the situation at any given moment during a fight. If you like to perfect your hand to hand close combat skills that SAMBO is definitely a skill you must attain in order to strategically win a confrontational fight.

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