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Back to school? Try boxing in Vaughan this fall!
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Back to school? Try boxing in Vaughan this fall!

Challenge yourself to a new indoor sport this season!

Cycling, running, outdoor sports and hiking soon come to a slow halt as ‘Fall’ sets in! And as kids are back to school you must be wondering what different workout can you do this time? Its no better time than now to give boxing a try!

Here are a few reasons why you should consider boxing this fall:


Full-body workout

Like swimming, boxing works as a full body workout. Each hip twist fuels your punch which strengthens your biggest hip muscles; the glutes. The twisting motion also transfers to the ab muscles. Specifically, the oblique muscles that run diagonally across your sides. So, if you want ripped obliques and crunches haven’t worked for you, learn how to box instead. Have you come across any boxer who doesn’t have muscular shoulders? Every blow contributes to bulk and strengthens your shoulders and biceps and triceps.

Boxing for all

Boxing has no age or gender barriers! Kids as early as 13 years old can start training. Motivate your family members to take up a new challenge and box along with you! If you have a teenage son or daughter encourage them to start early as it not only helps them be activity but also helps them learn some self-defense moves.


Fall is when the temperatures start to drop slowly which restrains many outdoor activities like running, sports, etc. To maintain that momentum of workout and keeping yourself throughout fall and winter you need something more than a gym. If you are located in or around Vaughn, drop by the Golden Gloves Fitness and boxing Gym and get a first-hand experience for yourself! You will see the gym is equipped with everything you need for boxing and sparring.

Train under the best

All boxing coaches have their unique styles and techniques for training. But which one is suitable for you? Head Coach, Alex has close to three decades of personal training and boxing experience. He customizes the boxing regime best suited for you gradually increase the intensity of your workout. Don’t be surprised if you find kids or women boxing with adult guys. Alex has a special knack training kids, so don’t hesitate to train along with your children.

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If you feel pumped up and want to try boxing this fall, head to Golden Gloves Fitness in Vaughan and meet Coach Alex for a trial class…