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Boxing for beginners guide

Boxing for beginners guide

Boxing for the first time? Here is a beginner’s guide for you!

By now you must have tried various fitness regimes like running, weights or working out at gyms. Its time for you to give boxing a chance! This beginners guide has everything you need to know about boxing!

The right boxing workout depends on your fitness goals and the environment you decide to join. A typical class beginners,guide,boxing,first,time,workout,punches,hand,wrap,fitnessconsists of floor work, (which is a padded floor), doing conditioning drills like sit-ups, jumping jacks, quick feet, bag, ring or partner work. But classes can feel different depending on where you enroll. At Golden Gloves Fitness in Vaughan provides you with a familiar group class feel as well as personal training. Head Coach Alex, is a firm believer that regardless of one’s experience, everybody wants to maximize their body’s potential. He implements a fitness regime that will adhere to your specific needs to optimize your results. Alex builds fitness levels with consistent training and progressive techniques. If you’re looking to lose weight, a cardio-infused boxing class will help you burn those calories away.

Now that you have decided to give boxing a try. These are a few points you should keep in mind as a beginner:

Invest in a pair of hand wraps:

If you don’t own a pair of gloves, the gym provides you with one. But for hygiene purposes, you will want to have your personal hand wraps. They protect your knuckles and work as a barrier between your hand and the borrowed stinky gloves. Hand wraps can be washed after every workout. These are available at any sporting goods stores and can cost you around or less than $25.


While boxing there’s a lot of pivoting and lateral movements, so you’ll want to move with ease and not get stuck on the rubber or wooden floors. Therefore, you would need a pair that’s lightweight with a smooth bottom. Invest in a supportive training shoe you can effortlessly pivot on the ball of your foot.


Wear breathable fabrics anything that is comfortable for body movements and sweat.

Arrive Early:

Arrive early on your very first class to complete your registration process, get the feel of the gym/studio. The extra time also helps you to get ready by putting on your hand wraps, gloves and getting into the workout mode. Keep yourself hydrated before and during boxing.

Time to Box!

Boxing taxes the mind as much as the body, hence you always need to be attentive. Head Coach, Alex ensures he makes you do stretches so that the body is warm enough for punching. There will be few rounds of boxing drills followed by burpees or lunges and squats. Running, jump rope and sparring (motions of boxing without landing heavy blows) are all part of the training. Once you gain momentum, Alex will increase in weight and time for you on the punching bags.

The day after your first lesson:

Your arms and shoulders are likely to be sore the next day post workout. This is due to the lack of repeatedly ‘hitting’, which is not practiced in any other form of workouts. After boxing for your first time ever, the ‘boxer muscles’ i.e. the muscles right underneath your armpits are sure to sting.

Remember even Mike Tyson had the first boxing lesson that eventually made him the brand he is today. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us at Golden Gloves Fitness in Vaughan and book your first trial class for free!