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How to Stay Excited About Boxing
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How to Stay Excited About Boxing

First and foremost, boxing is a self-strengthening sport. It all matters about you and your willingness to become the best. Being self-reliant allows you to appreciate your true strength and thus continuing your strive to become stronger. This internal strength that you have acquired through boxing will allow you to excel not just in the sport but also in life.

Did you know that boxing sharpens your focus? The way you land your punches on the bag allows you to improve your hand-to-eye coordination and thus expands your attention span. Additionally, you sweating out all of that unwanted elements such as meat-related hormones also greatly improves your attention and solving skills. 

At Golden Gloves Fitness, we change lives for the better. This leads to our second point, if you want to be truly excited about boxing; you got to have a great coach. It makes a huge difference. A great coach means one that knows all in the ins & outs of the sport and has a special touch for the sport. Our coach Alex, has been doing this for a long time and always has a technique and knowledge to share with you each and every session. What matters is your experience throughout your whole class. 

Thirdly, it is good to see others boxing. By others we mean other professional boxers or amature ones. The important factor is that you are registering how others are doing it and comparing and contrasting them with yourself. Another great way to do this is by being in touch with boxing news and knowing when the next competitions are being held. If you have a hard time getting into the ‘mode’ or breaking a sweat, by watching professionals do it with their vigour subconsciously motivates your competitive spirit.

So, self-strength, a good coach and being in-tune with the sport are all great ways to stay motivated about boxing. We would like to leave you with a final piece of advice: mentally tell yourself that you are going to sweat! Being distracted makes a huge difference if you are going to have a profitable workout or not. You have to focus on yourself, your body and how you are going to take on your next training session.

Stay tuned for more boxing & fitness tips from Golden Gloves and as always, stay strong!