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Why you should workout this Summer?

Summers are short so let your body make the most of it!

With temperatures rising to 40 degrees, instead of winding down with chilled beers or sugary icy popsicles, beat the heat with a good workout. Ensure you squeeze in at least 45 minutes of exercising to remain fit throughout the summer season. Keep a watch on the Weather Network and rearrange your schedule to work out during the coolest time of day which is usually around early mornings or late evenings. Invest in dry and breathable clothing while exercising to accommodate excessive sweat.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should workout during Summers!


Break a sweat

Sweating is your body’s way of keeping you cool. The scorching heat makes your body sweat, which boosts your metabolism and increases your energy. This accelerates the number of calories your body burns. Workout with our Head Coach Alex, at the Golden Gloves Fitness Gym in Vaughan, to get quicker results during Summer!

Heat suppresses appetite

It is easier to lose weight in summer as compared to winter since the food we consume takes longer to digest leaving us fuller for longer periods of time. Heat slows down all bodily functions and hence you don’t end up binging on comfort foods. Our bodies crave for lighter foods like salads, vegetables, tropical fruits like watermelon and pineapple. If you plan on camping or picnics try barbequing vegetables like sweet potato, broccoli, cauliflower. Avoid meat as much as you can as it adds to the body heat which you do not require much of it during summers.

Soak in some Vitamin D naturally

During winters we are compelled to consume D3 supplements, now is the chance to leave the pills behind and let your body soak in some sunlight! Vitamin D keeps the hormone levels in check, enhance weight loss and decrease body fat. It also maximizes other benefits, such as maintaining strong bones and overall health.

Drink more water

In Summers you are inclined to drink more water which keeps you hydrated and fuller. Try consuming water before each meal that way you consume lesser amounts of solid foods. For a healthy refreshing drink, add a few lime/lemon wedges and fresh mint leaves to your water.

Flaunt that Beach Bod!

While all sizes and body shapes are beautiful, being fit elevates your confidence levels. Its everyone’s dream to look like a Baywatch model or lifeguard while on the beach but that only comes with relentless workouts along with a nutritious balanced diet. You can also burn calories while being at the beach, instead of sunbathing try playing beach volleyball, swim or jog in the sand. Your body puts in a lot more effort to swim in the sea/lake against the current as compared to still waters in a swimming pool. Similarly, jogging in sand consumes more energy vs jogging in a park or on the treadmill. Once you get into your desired shape, you feel more self-assured to flaunt that Beach Bod!

So, since Summer is finally here, make the most of it, contact us at Golden Gloves Fitness in Vaughan for customized indoor and outdoor workouts exclusively for you!