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What’s in a Boxing lesson?

This is the most frequent question we get at Golden Gloves Fitness: what’s in a boxing lesson? And, today we would like to get into exactly that! What’s in a boxing class and how many lessons do I need to perfect my skills? These are great questions. When you first start boxing you really do not know what to do and we understand that at our boxing gym in Vaughan. The first step that you need to do is finding the right coach that can assess your level accordingly. Our coach Alex has a good sense of how to analyze your level and after he has done so, he will continue to build your way up.

But, how?

First you have to find your stance. It begins by you having the right balance with your feet. Alex looks how deeply you curve them and then how you twist them when you punch. You don’t have to twist your feet too much but at the same time not too little. The twisting of your feet allows you to have more power and precision in your punch. Afterwards, he looks how well you curve your shoulders. You want your shoulders to be protecting your chin because your chin is one of the weakest spots! And, if it gets hit properly it can easily mean a knockout! So, protect your chin at all costs.

Having your chin protected, your stance balanced right, we then proceed to examine how you punch. You want to be quick with your fists but at the same time effective by measuring distance correctly. Make sure to step forward each time you make that


These gloves are waiting for you!

punch. Now, for an all time secret…. Use your mind to calculate distance and precision when it comes to punching. Boxing is not just physical but it is also mental work. It really gets your mind jogging so that you can perform on the spot actions. This on the spot thinking really helps you forget about anything bothering you but your training and you can apply this mind usage in other areas of life, not just boxing.

Please note, that was about straight punches, with hooks you have to properly angle your elbow so that your hook is effective. It should be about 90 degrees. This is where boxing does get complicated. Our coach Alex professionally adjusts your elbow when you start learning for the first time. After he shows you how to do your hooks properly at the right angle, you will see how much more effective you have become when you do the 90 degrees and the feet twisting properly.

Indeed, boxing is an interesting sport. You got your balance and punching right, now it is time to learn defense better. At Golden Gloves Fitness we treat your defensive mode as one of the most important parts of your training. For example we usually start with some offensive training in the beginning but we never forget to switch over to the defensive side. What do we do when it comes to defense you might ask? We show you how to properly block, duck, bob and counter. Alex pays attention to how your feet are moving and how you are responding to your opponent’s actions. Over here, your speed and effective punching is paramount to us. We want you to be as effective as possible.

Lastly, we show you how to use your own body to become fitter and fitter as training progresses. When you gain muscle-weight, it means there is more work for your body! This is great but we are not talking fat here. We are talking actual muscle appreciating new muscle. It is a phenomenon we discovered here years ago and it works great without weights- training. You don’t have to use weights each and every time you train! We do some¬† heavy-weight training but we also like to switch things up, including how you are using your weights such as dumbells.

Now, on to the second question. How many lessons do I need to become skillful? This all depends how serious you are and how much time you are willing to put in. If you come only once a week, it will not be enough. Our suggestion is to come 3-4 times a week and usually the average member starts to see great changes within 3 months.

Wait, it is not over yet! We never finish our workouts abruptly. We also do some cardio and abdominal work before the lesson ends. In particular we will have you do some skipping rope, some ab crunching, shadow boxing, if it is nice outside some jogging and much more! If you are interested in boxing, want to get in touch with us or have any questions please feel free to contact us today to hear out how we can train you boxing and how we have the boxing lessons that you have been looking for all this time. And, like always, we are looking forward to be hearing from YOU, our #1 boxing champ.

Post Text Note: Golden Gloves Fitness lessons are available to everybody and all ages. We like to maintain a can-do attitude here that is enjoyable for all of our members. Aside from keeping things interesting by switching exercises, we like to make it easier for anybody who wishes to get into the shape that they have always been desiring.