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This topic has been discussed and will be discussed at our gym for years and today we’re going to get into more detail about it: weight & boxing. Indeed, weight plays an important role in this sport because it determines your speed, strength & agility. But, what does boxing really have to do with your weight? And how can you use it to your advantage? In today’s newsletter we are going to elaborate on such questions. Firstly, boxing allows you to tone down become slimmer and faster and at the same it compresses the fat in your body into muscle. With this effect, the fat turned into muscle function as layers added to your body.

That’s right layers! Not flab or a gut, but actual new muscle tissue that hardens to make you stronger. A lot of people think being heavy means stronger, sure it does but to an extent. If your underweight, that can pose as a weakness. But, once you gain enough weight, your weight will begin to work against you if your surpass what your frame can hold. You gotta stretch your frame out and hammer out your body into what you are looking for. Simply eating a lot is not enough for you to gain real power. How do you get to the next strength level? By doing workouts properly, listening to your body, and sweating all those unwanted substances in your body out. Now, let’s have a closer look and a review about weight classes in boxing:

Light to welter weight is the average weight classes in boxing. But, being bloated does not count! What you need is that lean weight and boxing allows you to attain it. When boxers stand on that scale they make sure they are not bloated, usually they do it after working out. Boxing flushes out fat, substances, and bacteria out of your body. That’s right: bacteria. If you have a slight cold, doing some stretching and a little bit of boxing movements will help you expel that minor cold or bacteria that is making you feel uncomfortable. If you have a large cold however we would recommend you to refrain from doing so and take some meds. In the end of the day, health is all about listening to the physics behind your body with the goal of attaining wellness.

At Golden Gloves Fitness we train all weight classes and all individuals. We show you how to use your body for your advantage and not to be discouraged if you are not in the desired weight bracket. We give suggestions on to how to eat properly and maintain your weight! We are after all a health & wellness spot for many gym goers who want to achieve higher levels. Once you have achieved your weight goal, it is important to use it to your advantage. Curve your shoulders, put your chin inward and stand firmly in your decisive stance. It is also important to disperse your weight through out your body for a good balance and to be well-portioned. This is why we workout the whole body at our gym: legs, abs, arms, shoulder, neck, you name it. Yes, we even do neck exercises because a lot of knock-outs come from having a weak neck/chin! Your chin is naturally a weak spot and when it is punched, the strength of your neck will determine how fast your head will swing.

As you may observe boxing is complicated and involves a lot of physiology that we get into at our gym in Vaughan. Our head coach Alex knows positioning very well and knows what’s is best for you when it comes to the sport of boxing and in fitness. If you have any questions or if you would like to get in touch with us, we would be more than glad to explain to you how we can train you. We begin by first assessing your level and then building your way up from there. All equipment will be provided to you. Each and every person is different when it comes to training and we treated as so at our sports gym. We are always looking forward to be seeing you here and to be training you, do not hesitate to contact us at any time and like always, see you HERE, our #1 boxing champ.