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Feeling like it’s a drag to go to the gym? Feeling like it is hard to workout? It’s normal! Most people find it hard to get to the gym but the truth is you can implement many strategies to get rid of that dragging feeling when it comes to getting into that shape you have always been looking for. It doesn’t have to be a drag; it is all in how you set yourself up to make it easier for you to get into workout mode. In today’s Newsletter, we will discuss the different strategies that you may take on to make use of your time once you step into the gym.


So, what makes time go by at the gym? You’ve guessed it: hard work. Stop looking at the clock and work hard! Forget even glancing over at it. If you need time for your workouts, use a timer or a boxing round indicator that can be switched from 2 to 3 minutes. But, looking over at your traditional clock will only make time drag by. When you walk through those doors, set yourself up mentally among this notion: I am here to put in the work so I could feel great later.

That is only the 1st step. You setting yourself up mentally-ready is only 1 foot in. The next step, is having stations set up in your mind. Say to yourself: ok, 1 round at this bag, 1 round at that bag and 1 round squats. You must have the resources properly in order for you to pass the time. At our gym in Vaughan, we have all the resources that you need for you to get the most out of your work out; including your/ our coach Alex. With him time simply flies by! Having the right coach allows you to push your limits and getting into the ‘mode’ faster as he observes professionally what you do, thus leading you to be more active.

Time also tends to drag by if you don’t sweat but also with the duration of it. If your workout is over 2 hours, that’s way too long! Don’t do more than 1.5 hours! It is better to have an action packed work within an hour rather than a slow one within 2. This is how truly time flies by at the gym: how busy you are. Certainly you can go past the hour if you are working hard but if there too many time gaps between your rounds; you are simply torturing yourself. Just as a recap: keep within your time slots.

Working out hard, having a good coach, having a good plan with stations and stopping watching the clock are the most core ways you can make time fly by at the gym but last and not least: have the right accessories at your disposal. First: be comfortable. Wear the right gear. Even having rough pants can cause a drag in your workout but rather have comfortable stretchable gym clothes on. Play the music you love or have a healthy protein shake. All these factors allow you to get in your zone faster, and thus making your workout more action packed and inspiring then ever before.

So, let’s do a quick recap of what makes your workout time go by faster, better and more effective:

  • Not looking at a traditional clock; use a timer
  • Working hard and having the right mentality
  • Having good Stations set up
  • Having a good coach
  • Staying within good time limits
  • Having the right accessories

We hope that you found this information valuable in terms of working out advice. You just got to make your workouts as flexible as possible. And, at our gym we are dedicated to make it more doable for you to get into shape. If you have any questions or if you would like to get in touch with us, please feel free to contact us today. Remember the beauty of working out and staying healthy starts with YOU. So why not start today and make the healthy choice of being active? We would like to wish you all the best and please stay tuned for more info on boxing, fitness, working out and healthy living tips. And, as always, we are looking forward to be hearing & seeing you!