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Eugene demonstrating a good boxing stance

If you have decided to take up boxing, come to our gym Golden Gloves! The first concept we will instruct you is having a good stance with a well rounded back and good feet positioning of course. First, it is having your feet placed in the right position. The left foot must be in front and the right should be positioned slightly to the back of your body (please refer to the picture). But, make sure your right foot is not too far back, this is important.

Next is having your back up straight and slightly lean back. Never lean forward or back too much. Leaning forward too much will simply expose yourself too much to your opponent and going too far back will make you lose balance. Now that you have your back in a correct position, round your shoulder blades around your chin in order to protect it and have an even better balance. Try to point your chin inwards your torso where the shoulder blades of your allow you to.

Subsequently, the final stage is your arms. Extend your left fist with confidence in front of you and hold your right fist to your chin. Don’t stretch your left fist too much but have it extended where you feel comfortable to maneuver it. Your left will be used for jabs and fast, light punches. Hold you right fist to your chin and use it anytime you ready for a power move. Always remember to bring it back to chin once you are done completing your right punch!

Now that you are more familiar with a good boxing stance, practice with an opponent straight punches only during the 1st round and then move on to uppercuts and hooks in the following rounds. At our gym, it is very important to have a good posture. Our instructors adjust your stance according to your abilities and work your way up from there. We have Alex doing boxing and fitness downstairs and our MMA instructor, Slava, upstairs. At our location, you always have the right to feel and look great!

We are looking forward to be fulfilling your boxing & fitness requests.

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