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The Science Behind Training

Today’s newsletter is about what you have been waiting for all this time: the science behind training. We will get into the ins & outs of working-out so that you can hammer out effectively your pathway to being the fittest. The truth is, like most activities, fitness (& boxing) becomes more doable, the more you practice it- of course. But, how come? How come at first it seams such a dread to train and over the days, weeks and months it becomes easier to get into the training mind frame? Well, firstly, the reason is that your body has a physiological clock. It expects food at this time, sports at that time and sleep at this certain time. These expectations comes from your body getting used to the times you engage it in specific activities.

Let’s begin generally. At first, you are not working out. Your body doesn’t know when to go ‘ready’ mode. So you will have to

hammer out this time frame by working out consistently at a certain hour- let’s say: 3 o’clock. Doing it just once is not enough for your body to program. How can your body know an action is consistent if you have done it only once? So, you have worked out once at 3 pm and then you went home. SKIP the next day for rejuvenation and healing of the muscles. And then, the day after your workout again, coming back at roughly the same time as you did before to train. It can be 2:55 pm, it doesn’t have to be on the dot. As long as you fall into a time bracket of give or take 2 hours, so if it is 3 pm you are worked before at, anywhere between 1 and 5 is a great time slot for you to designate as ‘workout time’.

The second time you are working out, you are still finding fatigue. But, at a substantial less amount of drag. It is still there but it became all of the sudden more doable, as it seems. Your 2nd workout went by faster and you found yourself more into your workout. When you are done your training, you are all of the sudden thinking: this isn’t so bad (not great yet either). The next day you SKIP for rest again and the day after you are back at the gym for your 3rd scheduled workout. This is when you finally start seeing real results.

Your 3rd workout- this is the time when your body is finally programmed and slightly ready. That’s right, slightly, in order for you to be fully ready, you will have to train weeks and weeks consistently. At this workout you will feel better, faster, and stronger. Your workout all of the sudden flies by, leaving you for wanting for more. At this point, always remain in your designated time frame and listen to your body to avoid¬† muscle tension. And, this is when you ask yourself this: how come I wasn’t like this during my 1st workout?

The answer is straight forward: your body literally works-off itself. The more you workout the more muscle mass will gain and thus the more weight your body is pulling! Hence, you are doing mini-workouts while going through your day to day activities; leading you to be more gym-ready! Isn’t that great? Now, don’t loose that streak! The biggest problem is: yes, now there is a routine, but most people give up, breaking that hard earned body clock! And, having to start allover again; back to that dread! Just tell yourself this: I don’t want to go back to zero, where it is even harder! So, our solution at Golden Gloves Fitness is: keep on training consistently and understand the science behind YOUR body.

Thank you for reading this week’s newsletter. This one indeed is a highlight of our mentality at our gym: be positive and effective. If you have any questions or if you would like to get in touch, please feel free to contact us today for more information. We are always looking forward to be seeing YOU and seeing YOUR improvements at our gym in Vaughan. We hope that you enjoyed your read and will enjoy your workouts from now on, until then see you HERE.