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Qi-Gong  in Woodridge


Master Terry Popovich practicing Qi-Gong

Qi-Gong is the practice of aligning the breath, body, and mind into one session. It focuses on the “chi” or life energy in order to revitalize the body and spirit. With roots steaming from Chinese medicine, it allows you to maximize your fullest potential and awakes one’s true nature.

Sessions are offered for $80 for 40 minutes. Contact Terry at +1 (416) 880-2047 to book an appointment today.

At Golden Gloves Fitness, we are determined to help you with stress reduction, meditation and professional instruction by the teaching of instructions.

Terry Popovich also has his own website called Above & Beyond, please click this link for more information. We would like to thank you for your interest in this magnificent martial art.

Please enjoy our video of Grand Mast Terry demonstrating him practicing Qi-Gong:

This video has been shot in April, 2014. Location: North Bay, Ontario, Canada.