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How to make real progress in your boxing & fitness

At Golden Gloves Fitness, we are making real progress and changing people’s lives for the better at our gym each & every day. But, how? Today, we are going to answer exactly this question. So let’s get right to it!


We keep a 100% can-do, fitness/boxing themed attitude at our gym. We make sure that you feel motivated so you can get  in

your mode right away. What we have noticed is that how you walk through those doors and begin your exercising will tell how your workout & training will go.  We strongly encourage you to get excited, pumped up, and ready at home and once you feel charged up, take that energy to the gym. This way you are hitting the floor right on track.

Changing things up

Do you feel like you are not making progress fast enough? Well, the reason for that being is, you are doing redundant activities. Be sure to always change exercises up and, of course, level up! Doing 25kg weights? Well, do that for several of your sessions but make sure to level up to 30! And make sure you send your muscles this signal: today, we’re leveling up! This way you are physically & mentally prepared for a good workout/ training session.

For the love of boxing/ fitness
Yes, you got to love it! Don’t entertain any withholding thoughts. Jump right into it, take the plunge! But, there is a twist to it. And that twist is boxing! You see, not sweating enough and being even cold-bodied really reduces your chance of progressing! Boxing drenches you in that sweat. It moves every muscle and motivates you for more! There is something about when you have a training partner or when the coaches puts those focus pads up, you just want to take on the challenges and impress those around you and, especially: yourself.

So, get into that mind frame of a true fighter because you are one and head on over to Golden Gloves Fitness. This is your #1 stop for boxing, fitness, health and progressing. We are always looking forward to be training you and making sure you become that pro that you were always looking forward to become. Stay tuned for more boxing & fitness related info, news, & advice! We wish you all the best in your health & fitness training and catch you later!