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What are your favorite boxing moves? Every boxing enthusiast has a favourite boxing movement. Some like the uppercut, others like the hook. But, their liking didn’t just spring up out of nowhere. They actually trained and after a considerable amount of time they hammered out their boxing characteristics. A popular boxing move is the hook. But, most boxers like it because of its power, also know as the  ‘haymaker’. Do they like it just because of the power punch? Most likely. However, knowing and liking one move is not enough to define a person as boxer. You need to have a combination of moves and be creative once you step in the ring.

In boxing, you must have a strategy and a combination of skills. It is not all emotions running high and believe us, from our experience, you will forget emotions once you get into the ‘zone’ and you will concentrate on being an over-performer rather than an angry fighter. This leads us to say that we are surprised with the responses we get when we ask this question: what is your favorite boxing move? And, we get a mix of different kinds of answers. Some say the uppercut and a lot of them say the straight punch. No matter what is your favorite boxing move, it is useless unless done properly. You don’t want to damage your fist or, worst of all, your wrist. What you want to do is be as effective and fast as possible. This is what we perfect in at our gym in Vaughan.

Learning boxing moves, essentially rests in properly angling your punches. That’s right, the hook must have a proper curve landing, all with the help with your elbow. Our main coach Alex, catches your hook and adjusts it accordingly to show you how to angle your hook properly. Landing your punches effectively is crucial in your boxing success. Why? Because you want to conserve as much energy as possible. Boxing is all about energy calculation. Indeed, the hook, is a tough one. If done properly, it can have a devastating effect but if done wrong, it can can be as useless as a light jab.

Let’s move on to the uppercut, shall we? The uppercut, can appear easier to do than the hook but at the same time it can also be ineffective if you land it on the forehead (strongest part of your skull). Where do you want to land it? Under the chin. There are a lot of air passages there that can leave your opponent gasping for air and thus loosing energy at a remarkable pace. A move like this is also known to lead to knockouts.

We want to return to hooks just for a brief moment. Angling the hook right is paramount but a lot of people aim the hook only at the head. The hook, can be used as a move to target not only the head but also the kidneys. A properly calculated shot to the kidneys will leave your opponent winded or even more effectively: knocked-out. If demonstrated properly, this can be your signature move and it is one for many of our boxers. As mentioned, our head coach Alex, will make sure that you are doing all of your moves properly to ensure the best results. Our boxers are built to last, it is very important to us. This is why we stress speed, cardio, movement and being light on your feet.

Finally, the traditional straight punch. This move should not be looked down upon. A lot of beginners see it as a predictable move. However, if it is done properly it can be your choice, even over hooks. Just because the hook is known to be the devastator, doesn’t mean a properly executed straight punch cannot knockout. From Mayweather to Manny, they know that balancing their energy between straight punches and hooks is what is crucial to disperse energy and last. In other words, they know the hook takes much more energy than a proper straight punch. That is why they land hundreds of them. And that is what we stress at our gym: landing your punches. And not only landing them; making sure that they are devastating. Our word of advice for straight punches, move with agility, punch and make space between you and your opponent and carry on without thinking about anything else; you can worry what’s for dinner later.

If you are interested in boxing instruction, please do not hesitate to contact us today because we are revolutionizing boxing at our gym just north of Toronto. We have been at this location for almost 12 years instructing boxing and aspiring boxers. We firmly believe that we have all the right tools that will make you succeed in this sport and we are confident that our coach Alex, knows what he is doing. So please feel free to get in touch with us to find out how we can make you progress in boxing and in other spheres of life. Thank you for ready and please stay tuned for more boxing/ fitness related news and health & wellness.