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What kind of Gym is Golden Gloves?

Golden Gloves Fitness is more than just a boxing gym. We are your #1 stop for fitness, mixed martial arts and regular martial arts like Karate, and for weight loss. At our sports club, we make sure that we are a multipurpose center that is why we have a weight loss clinic. Our gym is where you can come in and benefit from easily. Everybody is welcome at our location near Hwy 7 & Jane and there is always something new to do. Aside from boxing, we do: SAMBO (a type of MMA), Qi-Gong, Tai-Chi and physical fitness. On the 2nd floor we have a weight loss clinic/station that uses Ideal Protein as a product source with the goal of controlling your weight.

In terms of equipment, we got a revamped ring, heavy bags, light bags, a double-end, a backboard bag, weights, bars, abdominal equipment and so much more! Who instructs at our Gym?

Our trainers are:

 Alex- boxing and fitness
Terry- Martial Arts: karate, qi-gong, and tai-chi
Slava: boot-camp, mixed martial arts and SAMBO

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Additionally, there is free in front parking, lockers and showers at your availability. Women’s and men’s change rooms are separate, of course. When you first come into our gym we begin by assessing your level and work our way up from there. All our programs are custom based on your requests and level. Age, capability and orientation is never a hold back at our fitness center, we are here to help you achieve your goals.

Walk-ins are welcome to check out our gym, we’re open from Monday to Friday, 7am to 9pm and Sundays 8am to 2pm. We are looking forward to fulfill your fitness requests!

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