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Stamina. Here is a word that is not focused on enough. What is it? And why do we need it? Today we will discuss exactly this. Firstly, we need stamina to last in just about anything. From getting work, to school to boxing. Stamina is endurance. And what improves this toughness? That’s right, you’ve guessed it: fitness. This comes close, hand-in-hand, with breathing. Having a good respiration system is crucial for strength! How do you increase this energy? Well, in our case, it is a mixture of boxing & fitness.

But, how does boxing improves stamina and overall breathing? It empowers you because you move literally every muscle in your body. Thus boxing makes your heart and lungs race, which, in turn, leads to increased overall endurance. In boxing, your whole system gets flushed and you feel like a brand new you! It is not easy to achieve higher levels of improvement, however there are obstacles in your way that you can remove fairly easily such as your train of thoughts and time.

Most people look at the clock and think: “oh there is still an hour to go!”. Well, one of our gym goers just did an hour and said it was the fastest hour that flew by in his life. He didn’t even pay attention to the music or other people’s chatter, no. He was focused and patient at his main goal: increasing stamina. How does he achieve this? By breaking that real potent sweat. Once you are drenched in that sweat and took the “plunge”, take a look at the a clock and you’ll see that your hour of training is over. Indeed, it is a lot like working hard at anything, the time simply flies by.

Other obstacles in your workout, beside train of thoughts, include: not being comfortable, being impatient, not understanding the mechanics of your body (it is not the heavy weight you are lifting that counts but how your muscles respond to it) and non-consistent gym going. The last one can be easily overrun by going to the gym every-other-day and following the: get-in & get-out! principle. Do 40 minutes to an hour of exercise & get out! If you are not sweating within 15 mins, you are definitely doing something wrong.

At Golden Gloves Fitness, we will have you sweating within 15 minutes. That is for sure. As you may observe, that most of these challenges can be overcome and that they are mostly external. Your body at first is also a challenge but once you get it greased with sweat, it becomes gimpy & flexible. Come and improve your stamina, speed and breather at Golden Gloves Fitness in Vaughan, we will have you achieving new levels each & every time! As always, we are looking forward to be seeing you HERE and please stay in tuned for more news & fitness tips from GGF!