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How to stay excited about fitness & boxing

The most common problem most people face is that they feel it is a drag to go to the gym. It doesn’t have to be like this. A lot of people look for reasons why not to go; it is too cold, I’m too busy or too hungry, etc. This type of self-defeat is what we erase at our gym in Vaughan. The first step, is to prepare yourself mentally that you are going to train. Once your mind gets used to a routine, it becomes easier for you to get into your workout mode. But, what is the drive that supplements your thoughts? What pushes you to continue? Today we are going to entertain these questions.

The first biggest motivator is progress. In the beginning you look for reasons not workout because you do not like what you see in the mirror: a body that needs to be worked on. Oh, since my body doesn’t look great already and it is cold outside, I am going to just write today off. But, what if you had a nice fit body? You would say to yourself: although today is cold, I definitely don’t want to loose what I have, so I am going to push myself to workout and reap the benefits later. At our gym in Vaughan, we make sure you steadily progress that you are not distracted by such negative thoughts.

The second motivator is the atmosphere. You have the body and you bring it to your local gym and over there you are not comfortable. The coach isn’t exciting or the setting is not workout friendly. All these are unnecessary obstacles that can be removed if you pick the right place to go to. Our head coach, Alex, knows what he is doing and knows how to keep things interesting in his gym. He sets up stations for you train at and makes sure that he pushes you to the next level in a professional way. It is paramount at our location that we keep a 100% can-do attitude and that we are serious but at the same time we know how to have fun in the ring. Our main goal is that you progress at a speedy pace.

The third is the tools that you have at your disposal. From equipment, to your gym clothes, to the music. You have to have a wide variety of options in order for you to stay excited about working out, so that you will have other tools left over to use for you to look forward to in your next session. Indeed, it is important for you to plan ahead and let your body know that there is a road to be followed. With these tips, you can stay motivated and continue to transform yourself to a better you. Last thought that a lot of people have when it comes for reasons not workout: my stomach is upset. But, did you know that if it is not a serious condition; when you workout your stomach goes into sleep mode? Then, while working out, the sweat flushes your body out and stabilizes your stomach? Predestined defeat is the enemy of all forms of body building.

Therefore, stop looking for reasons to dread the gym and just get it over with already. You have to do it anyway. Otherwise, you will begin loosing muscle and eventually have to start all over again; when it is all hard! As you can tell there are mental and physical components in order for you to stay motivated; apply yourself to supply your body with what it craves: a strong composure. At Golden Gloves Fitness, we are here to make you advance and stay up there, in the higher ranks of physical & mental fitness. If you have any questions or if you would like to get in touch, please feel free to contact us today to hear how we can transform you to a better self.