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What is crossfit?

At Golden Gloves Fitness, we practice crossfit. But, what does ‘crossfit’ mean?

Crossfit means that we mix different exercising techniques with boxing with the goal of attaining the highest level of fitness. Boxing is not only forboxers, it is for everyone and it s a great source for being fit! At our gym in Vaughan, we mix and cross boxing & fitness together. And it brings it great results! The 2 go together hand-in-hand. Being fit is part of boxing. At our corssfit classes, we always start by stretching and then moving on to more complex exercises such as movement, balance and technique. Once you are done warming up, we get you to put on those boxing gloves! At this point, we like to say that you are now practicing crossfit.

At Golden Gloves Fitness, we perfect your movement, stance, and boxing technique. We have all kinds of gym goers that expefitness,crossfit,boxing,crossfit vaughanct to do some boxing exercising with their workouts. At our gym, we maintain an open-minded policy, a center where everybody is welcome to come and train. Yes, including children. We are conveniently located at Jane & Hwy 7, in Vaughan, ON. Free parking and all the equipment will be provided to you, all you need is your gym clothes. Our head coach, Alex, will professionally train you to the level that you see as fit. He is always looking forward to be hearing from you.

What else will you learn at our gym? We will teach you how to counter, self-defend, and properly execute boxing maneuvers. At our location, it is a stress-free environment, it a stress-releasing type of place. We set up a payment and schedule plan that works best for you. There are no contract, sign-up fees, or long-term membership. There is just you coming to become fitter by learning and using our crossfit techniques. We make it easier for you to gain the shape that you always wanted.

We will analyze your punching and correct it as you go along. We also pay close attention to your stance, balance and movement. We like to pride ourselves in customizing workouts based on each members requests. What does it takes to be a member at our gym? Just by you coming, working-out and letting us know what works best for you. We’re open from Monday to Friday, 7am to 9pm and on Sundays 8am to 2 pm. Contact us anytime or call us at 416-569-9381 if you desire to speak to us. We’re always looking forward to be fulfilling to your requests.

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