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Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts

Slava and Opponent

Over the past twenty years, Mixed Martial Arts has extensively expanded on the self defense and fighting scene. As a combat sport, MMA incorporates all facets of self-defense without weapons, such as: Jujitsu, Boxing, and wrestling. These forms of fighting has ties to the military, which has developed its own Martial Art: SAMBO (an acronym in Russian that means self-defense without weapons). It was created to develop and improve hand-to-hand combat skills. The philosophy behind MMA and SAMBO can be understood as a strategic form of fighting that uses quick and decisive moves in order to achieve control over one’s opponent. It also follows a very strict moral code which was designed not only to maintain respect between opponents, but to also meticulously train the student how to effectively utilize techniques thrown into any given situation.

At Golden Gloves Fitness gym, our MMA and SAMBO trainer Slavam, in Woodbridge (York Region), uses the unique multitude of martial arts and fighting techniques to develop our members’ confidence and capabilities of self-defense. Through the training of mind, body, and spirit, our students learn how to diffuse grappling or locks (head or arm locks), and how to prevent impact from different striking positions. Our MMA and SAMBO classes in the Vaughan area are often looked at as “freestyle-wrestling”, which calls for physical fitness as well as a strategic mind. At Golden Gloves Fitness we will place you in various positions and teach you the most tactical and professional ways to escape from them and regain control of the situation. You will learn counterattack and retaliation moves that are used in MMA rings, and we will teach you the most effective way to reverse attacks and win the flight. We hope to fulfill your Martial Arts learning capabilities. Call us today at (416) 569-9381 or fill out our contact form by clicking here: Contact Us .

Whether your interest is in MMA and /or SAMBO or you have been inspired by UFC or simply looking for a new challenge for your mind and body, Golden Gloves WILL push you to next limits. The benefits of MMA and SAMBO at our fitness gym in Vaughan and Woodbridge are endless. We strengthen your mind and body to be agile, for you to be perceptive and vigilant when encountered with any situation. Whether you are a beginner or advanced martial artist, we have the right MMA /SAMBO program at Golden Gloves Fitness gym and we show you the way to do it!

Test your physical and mental abilities and push your limits by challenging yourself with martial arts!