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How much cardio is there in Boxing?

At Golden Gloves Fitness, we are asked a lot this question: how much cardio is there exactly in Boxing? And our answer is: A LOT. But, it is different than let’s say training for a marathon. There is a bit less running involved but rather a lot more on the spot movement. One of the biggest problems for boxers is that they tire out quickly after a few rounds and wonder why. Well, the reason for that being is that their cardio is not developed enough. They literally run out of breath and their lung capacity is not capable of refilling air fast enough. They are not refilling fast enough because they are not used to this much air coming in and there is phlegm and other unwanted substances blocking air passage.

So, how can I improve my breathing/ cardio? You may ask? At our gym we like to switch up and like any muscle, your lungs get used to the same old routine. One day we have you do a lot of skipping rope and the next day we have you run laps outside. But, practicing boxing in general will leave you panting. This is not enough and it needs to be worked on so that you don’t run out of breath during your spars. We continue with you being fast on your feet and move quickly around the bags so that you don’t even notice that your boosting your cardio to a whole new level.

What else can I do to improve my cardio? Properly stretching. Including twisting your whole body from right to left making sure you see what’s around you. This allows your back to get developed and for your kidneys to become more active. Your kidneys act as purifiers, they will push out all of that unwanted substances from your lungs. It is all interconnected. We also have have health bars for you to use and other useful equipment that will allow you to literally become faster & for you to last longer in the ring. Which is essentially our paramount objective: you becoming better.

At Golden Gloves Fitness, we understand how important training and lasting in the ring is. Our head coach Alex teaches students how to be durable and lasting, effectively. Our gym goers gradually become more boxing-ring ready each and every time they come to our sports gym in Vaughan. If you have any questions or if you would like to get in touch with us please feel free to do so as we are always looking forward to be improuving your health and overall abilities. We would like to wish you all the best and please stay tuned for more boxing and fitness related advice on our website. Thank you.