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Boxing makes you denser

This topic has been waiting for a long time to be discussed, so here it goes! Have you seen so many people at the gym having huge muscles but when you give them props they feel like cotton candy? The reason for this is because they are inflated and do not concentrate enough on making their muscle-fiber dense! When you lift weights, you literally inflate and blow up your muscles, which is great at first and wonderful in appearance but later on technicalities arise. Such as: feeling softer and loosing muscle quickly if stopping workouts consistently. Well, if you have muscle density, you feel the texture and strength of your muscles and you don’t loose your muscles as quickly as skipping a day of working out.

So the question is what makes your muscles denser? The direct answer is: impact. It is a lot like a snowball, the harder you press it together, the more dense it becomes. So how do you do this to your muscles? By applying more pressure and punching a bag is one of the best ways to send impact waves throughout your body. These waves, they spread from your fist and down your arm and then throughout your body. However, you have to do it properly, patiently and effectively. Once you have your technique down right, your body becomes denser after each and every workout.

The next step is eating right and not being overwhelmed. When you work on your body density, you will be gaining internal weight and not outer-weight. You will look in the mirror and see slight to no deference but when you step on the scale you see a significantly higher weight. For example you were 150 a few days ago and now you are 154 but look no different. This is great! This means that it is header to knock you down. But you do not want fat, you should always stream for turning the fat you eat into muscle. For real lean weight muscle, you will have to eat meat proportionally to your vegetables and dairy. A good balance of these 3 will have a strong effect for your body density. Balance it out and as always: love what you eat. Say to yourself: “I love to eat”. Our suggestion is eat 3 full course meals a day and small ones in between and the occasional chocolate bar will really make you break-through barriers when it comes to weight.

Why do I want my body dense?

So let’s to do a quick recap to answer this question. You want your body dense because it is harder for you to loose muscle, you are stronger, you are harder to knock-down and you don’t want fat; just lean weight.


Lastly, a key contributor to body density is sleep. It is super important and we’re not talking to sleep at 4 am and waking up at 12 pm. We are talking going to sleep at 12 am and waking up at 8 am. These are the core hours when your body and muscles truly heal. Your muscles literally start stacking up on top of each other at this time. This is the truly needed break for your body. It is crucial for not only your body but also for your health. And what tires you out more and makes you sleep well at night? Boxing of course.

So come and tire yourself out at Golden Gloves Fitness so that you have a well-balanced and active life. A lot of people say that “oh I smoke, drink, eat too much for effective exercise”. These are only thoughts blocking their true path to physical development. Once you break that first sweat…everything changes! Our promise. Your whole train of thought will be: I want more! And all of the sudden an hour flew by. One last mention: you can only do one large activity well at once. You can’t smoke or drink and do boxing at the same time and your body & mind absolutely knows this. So while exercising you won’t be craving for that cake because you are already preoccupied. Stay tuned for more advice, tips, and fitness news from Golden Gloves Fitness & stay focused.

You: “But…it is too hot outside to workout!”

Us: “Excellent! This means that it is easier for you to break a sweat and to get into your ‘mode’. Now get going!”