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What is difference between Fitness and Boxing at Golden Gloves?

At Golden Gloves Fitness our coach Alex caters to your request to which type of workout you are looking for. There are boxers that come to our gym and there people who come in for strictly fitness exercises. But, what is the difference? For fitness Alex focuses on your body movement and your core and as for boxing he focuses on your technique and skills that are geared towards boxing capabilities. We first start by asking you what fitnessyou would like to focus on and we build your level up from there. Now, let’s get into more detail about what can you expect our gym in Vaughan, just north of Toronto.
Your first free trail class will be based on us analyzing your skills and capabilities. Once again, all ages, sizes, and orientations are welcome at our gym. This is a strict policy that we have and there are no membership fees, contracts, or sign-ups. At our location (Jane & Highway 7), we pride ourselves in providing our clients the freedom to choose what is best for them. That being mentioned, let’s back to your 1st class at Golden Gloves. After analyzing your level, we begin by building your form and stance. It is very important for your posture. After a custom workout that is based to your preference, we offer you a price plan that is suitable to you; please do not hesitate to inquire about our pricing.
When you come back to the following classes, you can expect different fitness and/or boxing exercises that will help you upgrade each time you boxingattend. Our goal is to improve your overall strength and stamina. If you are interested in boxing competitions please feel free to inquire us about the process. As for fitness, we make sure that you reap the benefits of our procedures each and every time. Our classes are separate from men and women if requested and we have individual 1-on-1 training. We are looking forward to fulfill your fitness and/or boxing requests.

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