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The winter season is right around the corner and this is one of the best times to get into that boxing mood! It is going to be cold outside but hot in our gym. But, how come at our boxing and fitness gym in Vaughan? What is that we do? Well, first thing is first, we always keep a 100% can do training attitude. With our ring in the corner and multiple bags at our disposal we really get “into” it when it comes to working out at our gym. Now, let’s go back right to the beginning of our exercises. We first start by warming up before we proceed to any heavy action. We stretch, run, do the skipping rope and some abdominal work. Then when our main coach, Alex, tells us to, we proceed to shadow boxing and bag training.

Just as a friendly reminder- boxing is everybody and is meant to be taken at your own pace and our gym is for anybody who wishes to improve their fitness and overall health. After shadow boxing and bags, we hop into that ring and spar while our coach Alex observes and comments. This way, at our we gym, we prepare for all the best you can be at the sport. After 3 rounds or so, we usually go back on the floor and do some more heavier exercises such as weight lifting and punching the heavy bag. But, we do not let you stop at the heavy exercises because at Golden Gloves we understand what works best in fitness and that is you should always finish your work outs with a cool down period.

But, what is a cool-down period?

After you are done your intense workout at our gym we get you to do light exercises so that your muscles relax and become less stiff after all that working out and weight lifting. We usually have you finish off with some stretching, cardio, or abdominal work. These exercises allow your body & heart to calm down and like you can benefit from a full fledged sweat-drenching workout. Just as a recap, here is what you should do before any workout:

  1.  Always stretch and warm up without any weight or anything heavy
  2. Proceed to light to a bit heavier weights or equipment
  3. Gradually work your way to heavy equipment
  4. Always have a cool-down period for cardio and process reasons

If you are interested in joining, please do not hesitate to contact us today to find out how we can train you boxing and fitness. There are no contracts, it is just you getting healthier and better. We are always looking forward to be hearing from you, all the best from Golden Gloves Fitness.

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