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At Golden Gloves Fitness, we know the ins and outs of Boxing and we know that the principal goal is endurance, to last in the ring. But, how do you do that? How do our boxers simply do not give up and keep on going? This is exactly what we will get into today. Our main coach, Alex, has the know how and detailed understanding of how to make sure that you last in the ring, beyond any expectations. Below, we will outline the steps that you must take in order for you to be THE boxer that you always wanted to be.

First thing is first, you must have a good breather. You must know how to breathe to last. If your breathing is not well, you will round,boxing,lastbe simply in pain and thus leading you to give up. You should be able to breathe in & out easily and with flexibility. How do you develop your respiratory system? The most basic way, as you already guessed it, is running. But, there is a lot more cardio work that you can do than just run. Doing jumping jacks, jumping up & down, and doing breathing techniques are good starters. And here is when the boxing kicks in; this sport involves a lot of moving around, which leads you to using your lungs. Moving quickly around the bag or around your opponent will cleanse your body via sweat and breathing passages to the point that your agility is leveling up and thus leading your endurance to be much stronger.

Indeed, moving around is the basic idea of empowering your lasting time in the ring. But, blocking should never be underestimated. At our gym, we always highlight the importance of defense. We make sure you keep those hands up. And when a punch is being thrown at you, we make sure that you know how to deflect it and we pin point the times when you should counter or if you should simply retreat. Our head coach has a keen eye for movement and timing, not to worry. We develop your defense by role playing with a partner and then, in the end, we have you demonstrate what you have learned in an actual spar.

So, for endurance we have cardio & blocking down but the last pointer that we must emphasize on is: being on the offensive. Our main coach knows weak spots and points them out quickly, in you and your opponent. Hitting where it compromises your opponent is a paramount goal. Why just work hard, when you can work smart as a combination? In the end of the day, boxing is a strategy and a science. Generally speaking, wherever your opponent is leaving an empty space, is a good spot to hit. And if you want to walk away knowing a solid fact about fighting is this: the chin is the weakest part of the head and the sides are the weakest portions of the body. A nice blow to the kidney will render your opponent breathless. And if you do happen to get hit there, you will see that all that cardio work that you have put in will help you absorb this impact and help you continue breathing and continuing throughout the fight.

As you may observe, at our gym we are very excited about fitness & boxing and your overall well-being. We keep a 100% can-do attitude here and we make sure it is a positive atmosphere for anybody who wishes to improve their fitness, wellness, and boxing. There is never a dull day here, we are always keeping things interesting by switching them up. If you have any questions or if you would like to get in touch, please feel free to contact us at any time to find out how we can train you to the levels that you have always been looking for. We are always looking forward to be hearing from you, our #1 champ and we would like to personally wish you all the best with your sports training.