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Boxing makes your bones & muscles denser

Are you looking to gain or stabilize your weight? At Golden Gloves Fitness, we mean, actual real- lean weight? We are not talking about the bloated weight. 15000075_1243050135759633_2514769982648712800_o
Our approach to weight control at our gym in Vaughan is different. We are talking about muscle & bone density. When you punch the bag, the impact of it actually make your muscles and bones denser. The shock of the waves sending back through your body tenses your muscles up and then that effect is relaxed by sweat. By constantly training and punching, the resistance of bags & weights allow you to control your weight.

Another way we have to offer to control your weight at our location is that we have an Ideal Protein weigh-loss clinic on the 2nd floor. What is Ideal Protein? It is products that range from drinks, chips to noodles. At our health center, we genuinely care about your health. That is why we strongly urge to mention your health & wellness goals and we will work with you to achieve your goals.

Now let’s go back to how boxing makes your bones denser. Just like muscles, when you absorb the resistance that comes from punching a surface, your bones also absorb the shock, making them much stronger. At our gym in Vaughan, we have all kinds of bags for you to punch so that you can train, exercise and become stronger. If you think that it is “too much for me” , we have one final piece of advise for you: boxing gets better with practice and consistency. You will see that after multiple workouts, it only gets easier from there. So, if you want to become healthier & stronger, come by our gym and we will show you how!

We are located at Jane & Hwy 7 in Vaughan and we’re open from Monday-Friday, 7 am to 9 pm (8 is the last hour) and on Sundays, 8 am to 2 pm. At Golden Gloves Fitness, we are always looking forward to be hearing and training YOU because want you to be all the best that you can be.

Thanks for reading our newsletters, stay tuned for more and be in touch soon, all the best from the Golden Gloves Fitness team.

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