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Boxing Classes in the New Year

We are hitting the New Year with full speed here at our gym in Vaughan. What do we have in store for 2018? That is the main question in today’s Newsletter. Let’s examine our schedule in more detail, shall we? First of all, January is a great month to start training for boxing; not only because it is cold outside and you can warm up effectively doing this sport but also because it is a good early start for competitions that usually begin in August or September. Therefore, we are really excited about this productive, action-packed month. In short, this is THE month when people begin to inquire & begin their competitive training.

Once you walk through those doors for the first time, we examine your skills and take it from there. But: “I don’t have any boxing skills” you may say- sure you do, you just don’t know that you have them. One of the very first steps of boxing is having the right balance on your feet. All you have to do is tilt them correctly, left foot in the front and the right back. We definitely adjust your posture and show you how to do the (orthodox) stance properly. Remember, the only limitations that are set are the ones that you have wholeheartedly accepted. Now, let’s continue our walk-through about the boxing classes at our sports gym.

After you got the balance and stance down, we examine your offensive and defensive techniques. We first have a detailed look boxing,classes,vaughanat how you punch and if you are leaning in too much. Our main coach Alex will also adjust your reach and show you how to land your punches properly and effectively. He really understands the science behind punching and how your elbows should bend and to what degree. After you have understood how to be quick with your punches, we then examine how well you block and dodge.

At our gym we make sure that we switch things up. We never have a dull day. And we always keep a 100% can-do attitude here. From partner training to training with your coach, we examine how well you react in this sport. Alex begins by taking you to focus pads and spends a few rounds having a look at how well you are balanced and rounded . Rounded meaning; how your shoulders surround your chin to block punches that are aimed at your face. Then he partners you up, if there isn’t a partner, he will gladly be yours. And you two can begin sparring right away. First one will be on the offensive and the other on the defensive, then you switch it up. The last round will be you doing everything you learned with the coach providing you feedback while you train.

We never finish our training and workout abruptly; meaning without a cool-down period or with a concept that you have not understood. We need you to feel confident and fulfilled each and every time you come here. So after you have finished your core training, we have you do cardio or abdominal work so that your body can understand that it is time to loosen up. After you finished cooling down, we are open for discussion for anything you have not understood and we will be more than glad to demonstrate to you techniques that we have shown you before.

Indeed, there is a lot to learn in our boxing classes but at the same time they are fulfilling. It is this time of the year when we encourage people who begin training seriously if they wish to compete. If you have any questions or if you would like to get in touch, please feel free to contact us today to find out how we can train you boxing and fitness. We would like to personally wish you all the best in this New Year and as always we are looking forward to be hearing from YOU, our #1 boxing & fitness enthusiast.