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Why Boxing is the best form of workout

If you are looking to build muscles, lose weight, strength training or working out this Newsletter is for you! Today we discuss if you should choose boxing or a regular gym to knock out your fitness goals in Vaughan.


Full body and mind workout – Punching a bag or sparring sharpens the memory by challenging your mind and muscles to combat each move. Thus, improving hand-eye coordination. Boxing is the greatest vent for aggression, hitting something in a healthy and productive way releases tension. The rush of endorphins put you in a good mood and make you feel happier with every session. In the initial phase, boxing works as a cardiovascular exercise improving the resting heart rate and muscular endurance. That lowered resting heart rate and increased stamina can give you an edge in your other workouts.  Boxing has been proven an amazing form of fitness, boosting strength, coordination, reactivity, and agility. How else do you think you’re going to counter and dodge your opponent’s punches?

Cardio and Weight Loss – Cardio machines are the most sought-after feature in gyms yet serve a limited range of motion and strength building. Treadmills, exercise bikes, ellipticals/cross trainers and steppers, provide limited muscle benefit as they only move the lower-body muscles back and forth.  Machine workout gets repetitive and boredom sets in due to the monotonous motion discouraging people to exercise or quit. They can also lead to repetitive-stress injuries. Boxing, on the other hand, can help to improve your balance, endurance, cardio stamina, and coordination. With every punch your upper, lower body and core burs fat that helps you drop weight. As per Harvard Health Publications, a person weighing 185-pounds can lose 400 calories in 30 minutes.

Strength training – Practicing boxing include working with weights, calisthenics and bag drills that build muscle and strength. While training for boxing, almost every muscle in the body gets worked out, focusing on the upper arms, chest, core, hips, and calves. It’s not as strenuous as power-lifting but builds muscle faster than cardio workouts.  Bodybuilders are not too concerned with functionality, as they focus on aesthetics, not performance. However, boxers, build muscle definition through high repetitions and low loads. Bodybuilders improve their maximal strength; boxers focus on explosive strength and reactive strength. Muscle bulk confines a boxer’s speed, flexibility, and agility, but lean muscle supports both offensive and defensive tactics.

There is a reason why boxing is a preferred workout and a personal choice for so many celebs and models too. It’s not aimless punches but is a strength and cardio workout all in one. Boxing is the best way to utilize your aggression in a positive manner. If that’s not enough to convince you, try it yourself! Add boxing to your fitness regimen and you will soon be itching to put on a pair of gloves! See you here in Vaughan at Golden Gloves!