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This topic has been in a heated debate here at Golden Gloves Fitness for a while now. The question that is in discussion is: how do I use my own weight to exercise? The reason why members are asking this question is because they want to use their own weight to gain more strength, muscle and endurance at the same time. This is a great question at our gym because we love natural weight training! If you are planning to loose or gain weight, we are your #1 spot for your weight control options. But, how? So, let’s get into more detail, shall we?

So, how can you use your own weight to get bigger? Firstly, if you gain weight it works as extra fat that you gotta carry. The trick is to turn that fat into muscle otherwise it will slow you down, fat cannot produce more thrust, only muscle can. By dragging the fat around already it becomes squeezed and contracted so that it forms into muscle. The more movement that you make, the more fat transforms into muscle. So moving around a lot is a good start. Fine, getting your body used to agility is the next step. But, what follows and what movements can you do in particular to ensure that you transform that fat into muscle?

It does not end just by walking around. For best results, you can begin by applying pressure to areas that have a lot of fat. For example, if you have a belly, start by doing crunches, abs, and sit ups in order to squeeze that stomach into that shape you have been always desiring. If you feel fat around your biceps, well, you guess it! Start doing push-ups. In today’s Newsletter, we are not going to discuss how to use weights to gain strength but rather how to use your OWN weight in order to produce good natural- weight results. The truth is, you don’t need to use weights each and every time you exercise. Besides, it gets kinda repetitive if you do heavy weights each time you workout.

Another way to use your weight to gain more weight, strength, & muscle is…yes, it deserves a whole section: pull-ups! Pull-ups allow you to feel your full weight; to feel how heavy you really are! It is obvious that you cannot feel your true weight because you are balanced on your feet but once you pull yourself up; you’ll definitely feel all that extra cake you ate the day before. Now, make it a challenge; the first time do only a few to several pull-ups and gradually work your way up to 10+ pull-ups, how many can you do? Come and give us 10+!

Lastly, doing any cardio work is a fantastic way to turn fat into muscle and muscle into more muscle. Skipping-rope, allows you to have a whole body balancing exercise. Doing laps definitely drags your body around well, thus moving all your muscles at once. And, finally, stretching during warm up and cool down periods makes you really realize how well you can workout without weights. If you wish to take your weight control on a whole new level, we do have Ideal Protein products for you to eat in order to control your weight effectively.

At Golden Gloves Fitness, we are dedicated to provide you the best options for your fitness, exercise, boxing and weight needs. We are here to hear you out and see what works best for you. Indeed, we are your #1 stop for health & wellness and are looking forward to be hearing from you at any time. If you have any questions or if you would like to get in touch, please feel free to do so as we are open to anybody who wishes to take their exercising to a whole new level. Please stay tuned for more fitness related tips, all the best from the Golden Gloves Fitness team.


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