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Boxing and Fitness afternoon class

The New Year is approaching fast and we all want to look great when that 12 o’clock needle strikes! At Golden Gloves Fitness, we are giving it all we got to boost our bodies to a whole new level. We are hitting the pads and bags harder, we are training faster! Come by our gym in Vaughan to have a look at what we are doing at our location. Walk-ins are always welcome! What is it that our members like about our gym? We make it easier for you to come in and get into your working out “zone”. Free parking, lockers and change rooms and all the equipment available for you to use so that you can get started with your workout right away.

Who comes to our gym? Individuals of: all ages, sizes, levels, genders, capabilities and orientations. At our gym we have an open minded policy to make the setting right, just for you. At our health and wellness club in just north of Toronto, we respect your privacy and your preferences. Our paramount object is for you to enjoy your visits and achieve the goals that you desire each and every time. We want you to breakthrough not only your health goals, but also life achievements that you have been always aspiring for. This is why the workouts here are always based on your preferences.

Who coaches at our gym? We have Alex who trains fitness and boxing. With over 26 years of experience, he is here to make you reap the results from effective workouts. We also got Terry that instructs martial arts, such as: karate, qi-gong and tai-chi. And for Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) we got Slava that instructs heavy/intensive workouts that are boot-camp style, perfect for self-defence training. All of our trainers are here for you and can always ask them anything you want; they are looking forward to be fulfilling your requests.


Boxing and Fitness morning class

Additionally, on the 2nd floor, we have a weight loss clinic that uses Ideal Protein as a product. What is Ideal Protein? It is weight loss products that allow you to control your weight. Just some of the products that we have are: bars, puddings, chips, noodles, soups, omelets, pasta, deserts, snacks and much, much more! Inquire us about our weight loss clinic in Vaughan at anytime; we are always here for your weight control and health requests.

As you may observe there is a lot going on at our gym this month and we like to take it seriously and all the way! There is no cheating for the new years. So, come on by and check us out or give us a call, tweet about us, look us up on Facebook, send us a message on our website or email us at It is always great to hear from you, all the best and enjoy this festive season. Happy holidays to everybody from us at Golden Gloves Fitness.

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