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When is it a good time to start boxing?

One of the more common questions we get at our gym in Vaughan is: when is a good time start boxing? And our answer is: now! Indeed, times have changed, people are training better and for longer. If you wish to start boxing, let no more time to pass by, start today! As long as you up-keep your body, you can continue boxing forever. The oldest professional boxer is Steve Ward, age 59 from England: click here for more info and it looks like he is not stopping! There are no age limits set in stone, don’t listen to others but rather listen to yourself and carefully plan out your boxing ambitions to the next level.

Indeed, the youngest age that you can go professional is 18. However, it is a good idea to start training before that. At our gym we start training members as young as 12 to prepare them for the ring. Even if you pass 18, it doesn’t matter because you get stronger as you age. Certainly, there is up-keep involved. The older you get the more training you will have to do but the more you do it, the more doable it gets. Boxing is for everybody if done right and at our gym we make sure you do it properly.

Our current professional fighter, Augustino, is 23 and he is looking at high ambitions. There are no rules when it comes to age and boxing, you can definitely break records. Many sparring partners are matched with age differences in between them. Times have changed and now your prime time can easily run until 45 if you keep maintaining your body. Even after that, it only means you’ll have to carefully increase your training to match your body’s fitness demands. A lot of people decline boxing because they think it’s not for them or because they’re not fit enough but to us this is only self-defeat. You are only capable of what you think you are capable of.

So, as a quick review, now is better then later but later is better then never. You can pick it up for personal reasons or for competition reasons, what matters is that you are definitely in for a body transformation. People start boxing for many other reasons, including to release stress. The sweat allows you to flush your system out and acquire a new- clearer type of thinking which will allow you to apply this new upgraded you to other areas of life. This is why so many successful professionals box and they can very throughout many type of ages. Another reason why people box is to have a better form/ balance of their bodies. Boxing calibrates your stance and the sweat from it literally shapes your body.

If you don’t sweat, it doesn’t count. Especially in boxing, you produce a lot of sweat from all the movements that you make. This sweat works as a lubricant for your skin, muscles, bones and for your whole body to function. A member at our gym reported that when he doesn’t break a significant amount of sweat, there is barely improvement but after breaking a large amount of it, the next morning he literally wakes up with a new layer of dense muscle. Boxing really helps him do that because it involves his whole body. And this what you want when it comes to hencing your body: dense muscle.

At Golden Gloves Fitness, we help you to become effective in the sport of Boxing. We make sure you spend your time wisely and reap the benefits from your training. Our head coach Alex has a keen eye for proper training. He specifically focuses on body movement and defense. At the same time he does know when it is a good moment to go on the offensive side. In short, we provide you all the necessary tools that you need to reach higher levels of fitness & boxing. However, the component of your training is like always: your coach.

There is never a dull moment at our gym and we like to switch things up. We understand that you here to learn and improve and we are dedicated to that. We maintain a serious but at the same time an enjoyable atmosphere for everybody to benefit from. We also understand that boxing can be a challenging sport and that is why we are dedicated to make it more doable for you to go up the skills ladder. If you have any questions or if you would like to get in touch, please feel free to contact us today and please stay tuned for more boxing & fitness related advice & tips from the Golden Gloves Fitness team. All the best to your ambitions and like always we are looking forward to see YOU here.