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We have been observing many different types of gym goers throughout the years at our gym in Vaughan and sometimes we come about the one that is lacking energy or enthusiasm. At Golden Gloves we maintain a 100% can-do attitude, so we ask those that lack enthusiasm what is it that keeps them from giving it all they got? And the response has been the same: “an hour, it is such a drag!”. In today’s Newsletter, we will get into how to completely get rid of such a feeling, forever!

First off, it is all about the mind set. Even before you hit the gym, you already thinking about how it is not going to be fun at the gym. Well, by you thinking this then indeed it will be much harder for you to get into it! There is ways to avoid this. Tell yourself: it is going to be fun! Prepare the night before your gym bag and watch some YouTube videos on how to build that perfect body or how to become that professional boxer. Another way it works is having role-models such as Mayweather or Schwarzenegger, just get into the gym culture and take the plunge, you won’t regret it! What are your fitness capabilities? Do you have a secret move up your sleeve?

Secondly, we find that having a fun atmosphere with lots of “stations” is a game changer. What are “stations”? They are several stops that you make at designated spots in the gym with the challenge of you doing as much as you can within the hour. Make sure you switch different activities up every time you go to the gym though. For example, have this for one day: boxing bag, bench press, skipping rope, light weights, and a run outside and, then, the next day switch the activities up to: pull-ups, other creative exercises and so on. How much can you do within an hour? Bet, you wont last! Just kidding…or are we? Not! We are very serious when it comes to your fitness.

As you may observe, having a fun atmosphere is super important. By ‘fun’ we mean that you are comfortable with your surroundings and there is lots to do. Get your fitness personality going: play the right music and dress comfortably and always remember to have fun! Working out doesn’t have to feel like a drag and the more you do it the more you will realize that it is not so bad after all! Before you know it, you are going to the gym everyday like a true champ. Are you the next Tony Jaa?

Thirdly, we have realized that going with a gym partner does make the time speed up at the gym. However, choose your partner wisely! Make sure that the other person is a gym enthusiast just like you and keeps the chitchat at a minimum and loves progress. A joke or two is part of the keeping it “fun”  aspect but as long as it doesn’t go out of hand and you are always leveling up; going with a like-minded partner is always beneficial and the other can always make pointers. That being said, going by yourself can never hurt your workout.  So, who is your gym partner? Bolo Yeung? If anyone less motivating, consider another partner wisely…

Lastly, make the gym your sanctuary, your go to “spot”. Feeling like crap or stressed out? Go to your spot! Generally speaking, you have to workout or at least stretch everyday anyway! Most things can wait an hour for something as important as your health. Stomach rumbling because you ate something bad? How about sweating it out? There are a million of reasons why you should go to your ‘spot’, that is: the gym, and spend an hour becoming the better YOU. That’s right, no more then an hour is what we always recommend at our gym in Vaughan.

We hope that you enjoyed this read. Stay tuned for more info, news & advice about boxing & fitness and as always stay fit, our friends!