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We’re once again back at this question at our gym in Vaughan: how can I be more excited about the gym? As the weather gets colder & gloomier, people are finding it harder to stay motivated to workout. But, as it gets colder, you should actually be more enthusiastic about it, especially when it is snowing and there is nothing else to do. In today’s Newsletter were going to discuss how to be enthusiastic about fitness and what can you do to be excited about it.

Firstly, all thoughts aside: make it a part of your life. Have that ‘void’, that ‘space’ of time in your busy schedule for fitness. You will find it opening up naturally when time comes for the gym. You will know it is “gym time” naturally, like it is second nature. Don’t doubt this feeling and go straight to the gym. At Golden Gloves Fitness, we find it is the mentality that works as a block to physical progress rather than the physical aspects of people’s lives. Get in your gym clothes and do it already! You won’t regret it, trust us.

Going to the gym… it’s a lifestyle

Secondly, find a role model that loves fitness so that you can say “X” does it, so will I! For example, Bruce Lee was fit and found time for it, so will I! But, you need to find your own, personal motivator that really pushes you; personally. Indeed, it is all about hammering out your own personal fitness character when it comes to working-out. Besides, at the gym you get to meet new people and have a good time. At our gym we make sure that we maintain a fun & positive atmosphere for all to enjoy. Certainly, this is the health & wellness hub just north of Toronto.

Lastly but not least importantly: always have improvements to look forward to. We are driven by results. When you wake up in the morning feeling transformed, this is when you really start running to the gym to see how far you can go! The case for many people is that they do not see the importance or interest of fitness. Making yourself gimpy, flexible, and stronger will only motivate you. After major progress at our fitness center, we have people running to the gym. It really is an activity that you work on and improve as you go along.

Don’t waste anymore time thinking about fitness. You should just do it. It is that simple. You have nothing to lose but all to gain. Many people think they are missing out on something else but you know what, you’re not! Besides, most successful people workout or do at least a stretch everyday! So why not get up & break barriers and give fitness a try? Give us a call today or come by and visit us and see how life becomes much more flexible when you are. We’re always looking forward to be in touch with you and stay tuned for more fitness/ boxing-related news, info and advise from Golden Gloves Fitness!