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When should be the last hour working-out?

At Golden Gloves Fitness, we strongly urge you to workout as early as possible, preferably in the morning. But, we also understand that you might be busy and you have to put the workout off. Then, when should your last workout be? Is it a good idea to do it at 11 o’clock at night, right? The short is answer is: no! You may stretch it all the way until 8 pm being the latest. But, why? The reason for this is first off it is bad for your heart to be worked-up too late. It is also harder for you to get into the mood when it is late and why not appreciate the feel good¬† sensation for longer rather than going to sleep soon or right after you workout? After a good workout, you will definitely feel better about everything!

Additionally, as we mentioned before in our newsletters, it is all about sweating. That sweat really works as a great lubricant for your muscles that allow you to feel better throughout the day. It is harder to attain this sweat if it is too late. So this type of mentality leads us to say: as long as it is before 10 pm, you should be able to attain potent sweat much easier then after 9 pm. Your body expels unwanted nutrients & substances through this sweat and thus leading you feeling good throughout the day. This is one of the main reasons why we recommend morning workouts; but afternoons workouts are better than no workout.

At our gym in Vaughan, we also go by full hour workouts and that’s it! We really go by that “get it in” within the hour theory. If you don’t feel like your workout is complete within the hour; you’re taking too long. Unless, you are competing, all you need is an hour a day in the gym max and you can get on with other activities in your life. It really is: get in, take the plunge, and get out type of regime that really will make your working out routine feel fluid and almost unnoticeable. Once you have made working out as a part of your life, you really do forget about dreading workout,vaughan,gym,toronto the gym and instead loving every minute of it like many of our members do.

Are you interested in working out at our gym? Contact us today to find out how we can level you up and work with you achieving the skills that you are looking for. We really focus on speed, dogging and flexibility at our gym so that you are fast and you can last long not just in the ring but also in many different types of exercises. At Golden Gloves Fitness, we take pride in what we do: boxing & fitness because we care about results and you becoming all the best that you can be. So, why not contact us today to here about our programs and taking the next step to a better you?

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