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After how often you should workout, the next question we get at our gym in Vaughan is: what time is the last hour should I workout? And our answer is simple: 8 PM should be the last full hour that you should workout. Why is that? In Today’s newsletter, we are going to answer exactly that question. You can make sometimes an exemption, however: as long as you start sometime at 8 pm, let’s say 8:45, it is still safe to workout for an hour until 9:45- 10 PM. Do not workout after 10 pm, that is a rule. Why? Our bodies have biological time clocks and if you work out late, your heart & body will be too excited and strained for cool down period before going to sleep at night.

Certainly, It is best to workout before 8 pm. Do morning or afternoons matter? We say as long as you get a workout in, it counts. But, it really depends on your body once again. Some people like mornings and some afternoons. For some people taking it easy in the morning is a better a idea. The trick is to listen to what your body has to say! Nonetheless, it is safe to say that you shouldn’t workout past 9 PM; to everybody. Exercising at this time definitely won’t help you get adjusted to workouts this late, it is not good for the heart and may interrupt your sleeping pattern due to over excitement. So try your best to workout as closest as possible to midday.

You need to have a cool down period after each and every workout, not just in your gym, but at home. After training your muscles rest and repair. The best thing to do after working out is to have a proper meal. If you workout at let’s say 10 PM, then that means that there are chances that you will have some late night food which is not beneficial for your stomach and for your muscles to extract the proper nutrients they need to grow. Our recommendation is this: if you are a morning exerciser, eat a healthy breakfast, spend an hour doing an activity such as reading and then hit the gym. If you are more of an afternoon person, then workout first and then have a healthy full-course dinner. Like this you will be healthier, you will gain good weight & muscle and remain in tune with your biological time clock.

So, just a quick recap. 8 pm should be your last full hour of working out or at least start working out within that hour all for the sake of your biological clock. The reason why you feel energy-less during certain times of the day is all due to this clock! If you over sleep for example, you will start feeling sick and if you don’t get it up, it can get as bad as being damaging to your heart. Being still for a long time can’t be good for your heart but at the same time over-hyping it is also not good either. What you need to do is stay in touch with your body’s regimes and do cardio at appropriate times.

We hope that you find Today’s newsletter informative. Please stay tuned for more boxing & related advice from Golden Gloves Fitness! We are here for your health & wellness, not just physical but also mental abilities. If you would like to get in touch or if you have any questions please feel free to contact us today as we are here for YOU. We would like to wish you all the best in your health and overall goals and we are always looking forward to be hearing from YOU.