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Fitness at Golden Gloves

What does the word “Fitness” mean at Golden Gloves?

The word fitness can have a lot of meanings. At Golden Gloves, we have decided to clarify the meaning of it at our gym in Vaughan, Canada. To us this word means moving every muscle in your body. It is not just lifting weights or punching the bag. No, for us it means doing everything physically, each and every time you come for a workout. Lifting weights is just 1 part when it comes to fitness at our gym. A large portion has to do with properly doing it.

Our trainers Alex and Slava understand body physique very well. As you exercise, they analyze your physique and suggest on how you can improve your fitness. Each and every time, there is always a new technique that helps you develop your body as how you want it to be. Alex works focus pads and agility and Slava enjoys doing boot camp style exercising. We always strive to keep a variety of tips and tricks at our gym. Fitness is never the same over here. It is not just a word for us, it is a lifestyle. Being fit, means maintenance. We also have a weight-loss clinic if you wish to control your weight. From boxing to weight-loss, you being fit is our paramount goal.


Perfect for Fitness ring

To Alex and Slava Fitness means:

  • Using every muscle in your body
  • Being able to control and mold your body to how you want
  • Coming up with new ways to improve your health
  • Great wellness and health instruction at the end of each session
  • Doing actions and activities with passion
  • And much much more, so come by our sports gym today!

Come by our gym, located in Vaughan (Concord-Woodbridge area) to see how we are keeping fit. If you have any questions feel free to ask us! Over here, fitness is constently evolving and we want you to come and join the experience. We are looking forward to inspire you to achieve the goals that you have set out. All the best and remember, always stay fit my friends.

We have a new ring installed that is not only for boxing but is meant for you to develop your arms, legs, and the whole core body. Now that is fitness! We are here to inspire you!

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