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Being fast is fitness

What is one of the most healthiest activities that you can do that is a guarantee for good health results? The answer is: moving your feet quickly. Walking, running, jumping are all great for your health, guaranteed! Just spend an hour walking and see the results in your health tomorrow for yourself. But, why not put these activities to use? In what sport where being fast on your feet brings great results? That’s right, you’ve guessed it: boxing! In this sport being quick on your feet is a must and it also comes with great health benefits!

But, how come quick movements of the feet? Well, firstly your feet are connected with the rest of your body so moving them quickly affects your body as a whole! Secondly, when you box, you literally activate every muscle in your body which goes like a great combo with your feet movements. Let’s not forget how quick moving develops your respiratory system, which, in turn, leads you to lasting longer in the ring. So, quick moving is key to boxing success.

One of the most common reasons why people loose in fights is because they run out of breath! How do you last? By working on your cardio and quick movements of course. Here at our gym in Vaughan, we place emphasis on shadow boxing and partner role-playing. We also time you to see how long you last and we make sure you break that record. Slowly but surely you are going to want to outlast everybody! Pushing your body beyond its reasonable limits is what we are all about! That being said, always, we mean always listen to your body and its requirements. Safety is our priority.

We also teach you how to be well balanced on your feet and how to step properly when you punch so there is extra power in it. It is all coordinated like a sling. Being quick with your feet is one aspect of successful boxing but also quick effective punches is what we focus on. Quick punches, you’ve guessed it, is also linked to your respiratory system. So, how else do we work on your breather at our gym? We do skipping ropes, laps, stretches and the body bar, of course! Hitting those spots in your body where it needs development the most.

Properly stretching and warming up your body is vital for those muscles to open up! And, then, we have you spar or role play with a partner. It is here when you truly break that sweat and start breathing. You will be surprised how fast you run out of breath when you put those lungs to a test! But, the reward doesn’t just end in the ring when it comes to breathing well. It goes further than that, it goes into the next day and the day after that.

The next day when you wake up, you feel like a better you. This is the most important reason why you keep investing into your body. With better health (by having better breathing), your life becomes better and more under control. So by you walking, running, moving quickly you are improving yourself; instantly. And after you have made improvements, how is the best way you can put yourself to a test? You’ve guessed it: boxing.

So, why not come on by Golden Gloves Fitness and see how long you last in the ring? Not too long? Not to worry! We make sure that you make steady improvements to the point you are outlasting everybody. Stay tuned for more boxing & fitness related info, news, advice and much more from the Golden Gloves Fitness team! We would like to wish you all the best in your training and be in touch shortly!