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What’s in a 1 hour workout class?

A lot of people asked us what do we do in a 1 hour class at Golden Gloves Fitness and this newsletter is here to explain what our workouts are all about. Let’s say it is your 1st class at our gym. We begin by analysing your strengths and capabilities and build your way up from there. Our professional coach Alex has over 25 years of experience in fitness, boxing and body building. He will gradually correct you as you go along with him to a more fit body that you desire.

What can I get out of 1 hour of exercising?
First and foremost you will break that important sweat that allows your body to get rid of all that unwanted stress and waste that is in your body. workout,exercising,fitness,vaughanSecondly, your body will slim down and become denser internally, making you much stronger. After a workout at our gym, you will wake up sore in the morning. Let’s get back to that sweat. Not only it cleanses your muscles but helps your bones and nerves to heal also. All you need is 1 proper hour (with the instructions from our coach Alex) and you will feel great!

How does a class look like?
You will 1st let Alex know if you would like group training (2-3 people) max or 1-on-1 training with him. The difference between the two is the time Alex can max out with you during a session. He begins by assessing your state of being when you 1st walk into the gym and adjusts the workout accordingly to your abilities that given day. The workout starts by stretching and then it proceeds to light weights or what Alex deems appropriate for you to do at that given moment. And then you will proceed to the bags and focus pad training with Alex. Finally, to cool off your work out he has you doing some cardio or abdominal work, never weights or heavy bags.

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