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In today’s newsletter we are finally going to devote a whole article about how to break a sweat easier. Why? The reason for this being is because it is one of the most common questions that we get at our boxing & fitness gym in Vaughan. So, how do you do it? Indeed, it seems like a drag. Or, is it? Right away we can tell that mentality plays a key role with your body getting ready to sweat. In other words, to put in that real work. We are going to explain to you how to sweat that real potent sweat.

As you may have observed, it is all about programming yourself for the task of sweating. Your mind can be trained to focus. Tell it: right now, you are going to sweat! And, see the difference. You will notice how much easier it is to break that needed sweat. Not just a little bit like under your armpits but we mean that real drenching sweat that you need to transform yourself with. So, the beginning always starts with having the right mentality. Don’t tell yourself it is going to be drag but rather tell yourself that it is going to be fun!
Rule #1: Program yourself to sweat. 

The next action that you may undertake is challenging yourself with rounds of activities or what we like to call them as : “stations” at our gym. See how many rounds you can do within an hour and you will be sweating in no time and once your sweating, time flies! Indeed, one hour seems like nothing once you are worked up. One thing we have truly observed, once everybody’s worked up, they want to stay for another hour! But, we always recommend you to keep your exercises within an hour, an hour & a half max! So, how many stations/ rounds can you do with an hour? It is a challenge, let’s see!
Rule #2: Cram & time as much of activities as possible until you sweat. 

Thirdly, you can always come prepared to train. Have the right gear on. Cold outside or inside the gym? Put a sports sweater on and have long track-pants on. As you can see, when there is a will, there is always a way! Our boxers put on extra layers and gears on so that they can really get into the ‘mode’. We have mentioned this before; it is breaking that sweat and making your body hot is the barrier from you enjoying your workouts. All of the sudden, you look at the clock and your workout is done and you can do other things that you have planned in your schedule.
 Rule #3: have the right tools in place. 

Just to add a quick pointer to this rule. A good coach makes a huge difference. Our main coach Alex knows how to make activities interesting and has a keen eye for redundancy. He makes sure that you level up and he also enjoy keep up a productive atmosphere. In many cases, the coach is the motivation of the gym and our coach does exactly this.

You might be saying to yourself this: I am still not motivated. Well, then, let us challenge you! Can you last several rounds? Come and show us that you can last even a round. Can you be as good as Ali or Mayweather? Really? Come and see how far you can go! Over here you will quickly see that you can do a lot and that there is a lot of work left to do. Come to our gym and make boxing & fitness a part of your life. We keep a 100% positive atmosphere for everybody to enjoy and benefit from. We are always looking forward to be in touch with you and stay tuned for more advise, news, and info from Golden Gloves Fitness!