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This topic has been waiting to be discussed for months now. The main question is: how does boxing transform fat into muscle? But, before we get into that, we must understand that muscle ‘sticks’ to your frame better than fat because it is denser. Now, that’s out of the way we can continue to the details. Fat works a lot like compact snow, the more pressure you apply to it the denser it gets and due to this effect it turns into muscle. But, how does boxing put pressure on your fat? In today’s newsletter we will discuss exactly this.

If you find yourself loosing weight quickly, it is because your body is used to a certain amount of fat and will try to get rid of it if there is too much of it in the first place. It is easier for the body to get rid of fat than muscle due to density. Fat is a thick liquid that likes to wobble around in your body, while muscle is more solid and likes to stay in place. In boxing, when you hit the bag, pads, etc you are applying pressure to the fat in your body which, in turn, becomes muscle over time. Muscle is where the real weight lies. Weight that doesn’t just leave. This is called ‘lean’ weight. Your weight, minus the fat. Fat is something you want to get rid of and put on a decent amount of muscle instead (all in moderation of course). You can calculate your body fat percentage by clicking here:

Putting of pressure on your fat works great but in boxing transforming your fat into muscle does not end there. While effectively boxing, you begin to sweat. This sweat is special due to bodily hormones sending your whole body the signal that it is time to form into the shape that you are hammering out. In other words, you basically acquire a blanket of sweat all over your body that helps develop your muscles from fat. The trick to it is that you must break a significant amount of sweat in order for there to be results. And, how does boxing do this?

Boxing allows you to move every muscle muscle in your body. You are running around, moving around and trying to be quick with your hands & feet. You sweating allows you to forget the dread of working out and promotes you to want to be faster with your punches and movements. And you loosing fat also means that you become quicker and that you feel better. Fat is the reason why it is so hard to drag your body around, muscles on the other hand help you to become more agile.

So, we are going to simplify it for you. Boxing applies pressure to your fat so that it becomes muscle and to top that off, there is special sweat that works like a layer for your body to form into shape of the area of your body that you are developing. At our boxing gym in Vaughan, we are all about the science behind boxing. We have a special understanding behind the mechanics of this sport. If you are interested to find out more or if you like to get in touch, please feel free to contact us today to find out how we can transform your body into what you have always been looking for. We would like to wish you all the best in your training & goals and please stayed tuned for more tips, advice & info on boxing/ fitness from the Golden Gloves Fitness team.