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What’s in a boxing class at Golden Gloves Fitness?

Your very 1st free trail class at Golden Gloves Fitness will consist of our head coach, Alex, examining your level and building your way up from there. When you first step in, you will begin by warming up, which includes: stretching, cardio, and abdominal work. After you are properly crossfit,vaughan,crossfit vaughan,boxing vaughan,exercising,workouts,boxing,classwarmed up. You will proceed to lighter exercises such as shadow boxing, balancing and movement. When you are ready and sweating, we move to the heavier exercises that involves heavy bags, weights, and sparring.

Each time you come in through that door there is always something new. At our fun and positive atmosphere, we’re here to make it easier for you to get into the shape you have always desired. All you need to bring is yourself and your gym clothes. Each and every time you will learn something new about yourself, your fitness and your boxing techniques. You will feel new and refreshed and ready to take on new challenges after working out at our gym.

We’re conveniently located at 207 Edgeley Boulevard, Unit 14 in Vaughan, ON. The closest main intersection is Jane & Hwy 7. That’s right, the very 1st class is free as a trail, come by to sign up between 7 am to 9 pm or on Sundays, from 8 am to 2 pm. If you have any questions or if you would like to get in touch with us please feel free to call 416-569-9381, emailing us at or by visiting the contact page. We’re looking forward to be hearing from you.

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