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Why Boxing is the best source for fitness

In today’s newsletter, we are going to discuss why boxing is the best for fitness. Simply put, it is the best for fitness because you move every muscle in your body and our coach Alex is here to make sure that you do that. It is not easy to break a sweat, we know. That is why at our gym in Vaughan, we like to switch things up and keep things intense. You know, to inject that fitness feel in our training. Fitness can mean a lot of activities and for us it means moving every part of your body. When you are boxing, you hook, upper-cut, jab and at the same time you are fast on your feet. Before you know it, you are sweating and the workout is gradually getting more doable.

When boxing with a partner, there is also another effect that happens. You tend to forget that you are working out! You are so busy concentrating on your opponent that nothing else matters! Isn’t that a great source to distract your mind? Not from just working out but from everything else and concentrate on how to be more fit and how to box better. Before you know it, you will be our next champ!

It is also important to have a coach around observing how you and your partner are sparring. Our coach Alex likes to keep things exciting by getting really involved with movements of hands & feet. He is attentive and always adjusts our arms if they are too low or seem out of place. With his knowledge of boxing we can progress quickly not in just boxing but also in our fitness levels, thank you Alex. Sometimes, you do get scary though- just kidding. Nonetheless, you are an outstanding coach.

If you are interested in fitness and/or boxing, please do not hesitate to contact us today to hear out how we can improve your fitness level! Give Alex a call at 416-569-938, or email us at:, you can always visit our contact us page and fill out a form or come by our gym. We’re located at 207 Edgeley Blvd., Unit 14 in Vaughan, ON. We are open from Monday to Friday, 7 am to 9 pm (8 being the last hour) & on Sundays: 8 am to 2 pm. All the best from the Golden Gloves Fitness team and are looking forward to be seeing you HERE, our #1 champ.