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Better Fitness, Better Life

After many years of working out we couldn’t help but get to the same conclusion: a better fitness plan, means¬† bettering your life. This proves to be the case after each & every session. After every effective workout, you literally get a better grip on life. In today’s Newsletter we are going to discuss how fitness impacts your life positively and how to do it and keep improving it. So, let’s get right to it? Shall we?

Muggy or cold weather outside? Not feeling so great or motivated? Well, we got the answer for these woes: workout. When you better,life,fitness,boxingdo an effective workout your body releases endorphins and like this you feel much better without having the need to drink or indulge in other substances; working out satisfies your body & mind on its own! After each workout, you feel refreshed and able to gather your thoughts. When you do go to the gym however, make sure you think about nothing else but your improving your body.

The most important thing in life is health. Everything else comes letter. How can you appreciate your family if your body is not appreciation itself in the first place? But, how do you improve your fitness effectively? The answer is: feeling your body out. In other words, being flexible. That’s right, the better your muscles work, the better you feel. What captures your interest in working out? Sweat. That real sweat that you can feel, that leads you to know that tomorrow you will wake up with huge improvements.

After each workout, we have a cool down session and stretch. We like to do exercises that have to do with breathing such as skipping rope or a light jog; you want to feel light & flexible. This leads us to say this: what most people think is going to gym means heavy duty weights and intense workouts. It doesn’t have to be this way. It goes more like this: starting off lightly leads you to more interest, which, in turn leads you to want to do the heavier exercises.

At the end of your workout you will be thinking about how you can improve, what can you do to invest into your fitness and how others are doing it. Chiefly, by others we mean, watching training videos online and coaches. However, other gym enthusiasts are also great to bond with to figure out what you need to do to hammer out that fit body you are looking for. The trick is to never feel overwhelmed and to be as flexible as possible.

We are going to end it here because there is a lot of info and we like to keep a good balance here at our gym in Vaughan. We hope that you enjoyed the read and please stay tuned for more news, advice and much more from the Golden Gloves Fitness team and we would like to wish you all the best in upping your fitness levels.