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Here at Golden Gloves Fitness, we get asked a lot this question: how do you become a great boxer? And today’s newsletter will answer exactly that question. The best way to sum it up: is knowing how your body works when it comes to this sport. Not to push too much and not too little. Know the science and the physics behind your body. At our gym in Vaughan, we understand that each and every person’s body works differently. This is why we customize our classes according you, so that you can reap the best results from your work outs.

But, the science behind your body is a general statement. We will need to get into more detail and discuss what does that good,boxer,great,torontoexactly mean? It means retention. It means how does your body build on muscle and learn from techniques? That’s right your body literally shapes and forms according to what you do, including in the sport of Boxing. Know how you body also balance its weight and knowing when it is GO time and when it is REST time. You don’t want to over do it. We have plenty of boxing enthusiasts who are eager to make breakthroughs, but keeping a good and consistent pace is what you need.

Now that we have the sciences behind your body out of the way, we can continue to discussing what makes a good boxer. First and foremost, a good, well-balance stance. Being well planted on your feet and knowing how to move them. Our head coach Alex can adjust and correct you as you go along, if needed. After having your stance and balance right, your next steps is knowing how to punch properly and precisely. Using your focus and physical strength you concentrate your punches on the target. In this case, let’s say: a heavy bag. You punch only at the target spots and not with a barrage of slanted punched, but direct punches are the meant to have an impact.

It is not the amount of punches that you throw that counts, it is the ones you do properly and avoid doing them wrong at all costs. When you train, your body & mind accept what is the norm and doing something wrong should never be accepted as a normal technique. Now that you have a better a idea of balance and punches, the last suggestion in this newsletter on how to be a good boxer is defense. It is really important to keep your hands up. Your chin and jaw are the weakest points of your skull. Most knockouts happen with a hook to the chin. Keeping your hands up all times will drastically minimize the chance of this happening.

So let’s do a quick recap of what makes a good boxer:

  • A good balance on feet and having a good stance
  • Knowing how to punch properly and landing those punches on target

At Golden Gloves Fitness, we will instruct and perfect your boxing skills. Our coach Alex is one of a kind who has decades of experience in the sport. If you have any questions or if you would like to get in touch with us, please do not hesitate to contact us today by clicking here, by calling 416-569-9381 or by email . We are always looking forward to be hearing from you and training you at our gym. We would like to wish you all the best in your health, fitness and boxing goals and like mentioned, we are always here for YOU- our #1 sports enthusiast.