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Karate Vaughan

We believe that self-confidence and self-discipline are valuable aspects of our lives.  On the physical side, the efficiency of our various exercise programs are excellent for providing weight loss and/or control, and for cultivating strong and flexible forms thus promoting good health.
All of our classes, group and private, are taught by highly qualified Black Belt Instructors, whose training and ability are constantly being upgraded by the world renowned Frederick J. Villari, Grandmaster, and 10th Degree Black Belt.  One of the greatest Grand Masters in the world today, Fred Villari instructs karate masters from around the world who seek to discover the secrets behind his unbeatable fighting system.  Listed in the Guinness Book of World Records, Grandmaster Villari holds the world’s record for the fastest punch, surpassing even Bruce Lee by throwing an amazing eighteen punches per second!

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Going Above and Beyond for you!

Discover who you truly are and begin this Golden opportunity with us here at Fred Villari’s Martial Arts Centers by calling Terry at (416)880-2047.

Grand Master Terry Popovich is a Black Belt Martial Arts expert from Toronto, Ontario. He has been mastering Qi-Gong, Tai-Chi and Karate for over 12 years. He also offers Self-Defense courses, Acupuncture and personal wellness instruction. After decades of hard work and dedication, he became a certified Martial Arts instructor through the Fred Villari’s system of SKK and started his own Self-Defense studio just north of Toronto called Above and Beyond.

Classes are offered to individuals of all levels, ages, and conditions. We are here to help you with your well-being and perfect your karate/self-defence techniques. Terry has been instructing for a long time and he would like to share his knowledge with you. Inquire him about his services today!

Terry has an extensive knowledge in Chinese and Western Herbs that allows him to analyze his students’ well-being. He offers us the Above and Beyond Self-Defense program that has proven to be very effective, practical and inspirational for his students. For more information, please contact:


Above & Beyond Self-Defense
207 Edgeley Blvd, Unit 14
Concord, ON.
T:  (416) 880-2047

Pricing for Shaolin Karate at Above and Beyond Self-Defence

$1000/ 5 months + 1 month free + free uniform.$ 200/ month + free uniform (8 sessions).

$ 1350/ 12 months + free uniform.

Inquire Terry about his Martial Arts classes today by calling (416) 880-2047 or emailing We are looking forward to fulfilling your exercise needs!

Classes are held on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Friday, and Saturday nights. Sessions are available to individuals of all levels and ages. Grand Master Terry Popovich assess your level and works your way up from there. A free uniform will be provided if needed.