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Mike Tyson is the brand name he is today with the efforts of the man behind him, Cus D’Amato. Look behind Manny Pacquiao and you’ll see Freddie Roach. A boxer is judged by his performance in the ring, factoring in his opponent. But his training consists of relentless efforts put in by his coach for weeks, months or even years before the fight. Having a qualified and effective coach is among the most important factors in improving your boxing skills.

Here are some of the vital factors you should keep in mind while choosing your boxing coach:



Number of years spent in the ring doesn’t always mean knowing everything. A good trainer focuses on what really matters to each of his students. His ability to simplify complicated moves and break them down into manageable steps to remember. At Golden Gloves fitness, Head Coach, Alex has been a boxing and personal fitness trainer for more than 26 years. His mission is to install a fitness regime that will adhere to your specific needs to optimize your results.

Training Styles

Boxing coaches in larger gyms tend to focus on the benefits of boxing as a cardio workout. While this helps in weight loss but it means that these potential trainers may lack the mindset and applicable skills that you need from a coach. There are 3 types of coaching styles; The Friend, The Strength & Conditioning Coach and The Strategist. A good trainer will always be creative in his approach. He will come up with new training techniques to avoid repetitive routines.


You have the desire to box but having a talent locked inside you is not enough, you need the right trainer to unlock your true potential. A qualified boxing coach will do this for you. The outcome of professional fights were not decided by the men in ring alone but the men in the corner. Alex challenges his students by gradually-building their fitness levels through consistent training and progressive techniques.

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So if you choose boxing as a career, profession or for fitness keep the above factors in mind before you embark your boxing journey. Meet Coach Alex for a trial class and more information at the Golden Gloves Fitness in Vaughan.