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At Golden Gloves Fitness, we have found out that boxing & fitness leads to a significant stress reduction. But, how? Isn’t boxing about throwing punches? And our answer is: it is. But, your body & mind goes in to the ‘zone’ because you get so into it that you forget that this sport gets so physical! Not only you forget about the fact that this is a contact sport but you also forget about worries and stiffness. Including, mild hunger. You should never exercise on an empty stomach but if you have a mild hunger and want to control it, there is no better way to distract yourself than good ol’ fashion fitness.

“Once you first break that sweat…”

Once you first break that sweat at our gym in Vaughan, you will realize yourself and your capabilities. This sweat will drench out all that unwanted extra substances in your body, in return you will be able to focus better, not just at boxing but also at other goals in life. This want for more that focus is being in the ‘zone’. Indeed, it is a great feeling to be in control of your life and boxing & fitness is a great source for it. This sport will make you want to take the plunge and challenge yourself. Many of our boxers started off just working out and have progressed to the point where they want to compete and yes, we do train to compete.

“We are all about motivation”

Our gym is an excellent place to relieve your stress. We maintain a fun and a stress-free environment for anybody who wishes to improve their health & wellness. We are all about motivating and pushing you above and beyond. There is no stress at our gym.  We start at your level and we progress along with you, showing you how boxing & fitness is properly done each step of the way! If you are interested in joining our gym in Vaughan, please do not hesitate to contact us today for more information. Because at Golden Gloves Fitness, we know the science behind boxing.

“Sweat as a lubricant for your muscles and as a stress reliever”

Now, back to that sweat. At our gym, we make sure you break that sweat and benefit from it. It is not enough just to break sweat, you must use it to your advantage. Sweat works great as a lubricant for your muscles so that it is easier for you to get into that ‘zone’ as mentioned earlier. Before your workout is done, you will be amazed how fast time flew and what you have learned, to the point that you forgot about your stress and/or worries. We are a gym for everybody, so please do not hesitate to contact us today to find out how we can help you!

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