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Do you want to be ready for anything that life throws at you? Do you want to feel prepared and have people remark that you are tough? If you answered yes than boxing & fitness is exactly for you. But, how does a good physique prepare you for challenges? Today we will get into the ins & outs about the importance of being built for life’s rough moments. First, put yourself in this scenario; you are traveling and you are in a busy city, you have a heavy bag in one hand and a phone in the other and all of the sudden a car is coming your way; you easily swing out of the way without loosing your bags or your focus on what you were doing. How did you maintain composure? You have guessed it: because you are really fit.

We all go through such moments in life. It is situations like this  that leads us to ask this question: how can I be more prepared for moments like this? The answer is: by being fit. Keeping a good posture and maintaining strength is more than just a good look for others, but most of all it is meant for your success. Let’s face it, nobody wants a frail body. And at our gym in Vaughan, we are dedicated to build your body’s strength and make it tough so that you feel confident about whatever life throws at you. Indeed, being weak or being strong, the difference is like night & day.

But, how does boxing make you tougher? The most primary effect boxing has is that it builds layers of muscle on top of your frame. It literally makes your body denser even if you look like you are not gaining weight! The sweat that boxing produces has special chemicals (hormones, etc) that send your body the message that this is good, potent exercising that you are doing and in turn it effectively reacts to creating more muscle tissue. Additionally, in boxing, a good posture & stance is paramount to your success. And at our boxing gym we stress this each & every day…


Aside from a solid stance, we also make sure that you are agile & quick with your movements. This you can apply to other situations in life; allowing you to be more efficient and productive. Everybody likes a well-balanced person and fitness is key to this. Other ways that boxing impacts your life is that people have more confidence in you and that most importantly you have more confidence in yourself. Let’s face it: you want to be tough and we are here for you to break barriers. It is not easy but we will show you how to have that boxing & fitness mentality to the point that it becomes a part of your life so that you won’t have to dread the gym ever again!

As you can tell we are really serious at what we do at our boxing & fitness gym just north of Toronto. If you are interested or if you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us today to find out more how we can transform your skills, body, and life into endless possibilities. As always, we are are looking forward to be hearing for you and remember to keep it fit as much as possible! See you HERE.  Please stay tuned for more boxing & fitness related information, advice & much, much more!