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Why Box?

Today’s newsletter is about a question that comes by a lot of people’s minds: why should I box? At our gym, this question has been brought up from time to time and we would like to share our answers with everybody else who is interested in the sport of Boxing. First and foremost, you should box to be fit. Now, the word ‘fit’ is also quite general and we will get into more detail about what fitness means here. For us, ‘fit’ means to maintain a more enhanced ability of movement that otherwise without training or working-out it would not be possible.

Indeed, boxing literally upgrades your whole body. It basically adds a whole new layer of (lean) muscle and makes your bones denser. Each and every time you punch that bag, your bones absorb the impact and thus leading to more body-mass density. You want real weight that your body absorbs and accepts. You don’t want fat because it doesn’t become anything then what it is- if you don’t transform it into muscle that is. You want real weight, weight that your body can maintain on its own without having you being bloated or you trying to overeat all the time.

You will be irritated if you try to bulk-up all the time. Why? Because you have to keep on eating and eating, it doesn’t stop. What you need is real weight. Weight that you do not loose if you happen to starve a little bit. At our gym we call it ‘frame weight’. A weight that your body tends not to go under, even if you starve and boxing is ideal for weight density. To clarify that statement: boxing compresses your weight and literally engraves it into your body. So if  you skip a meal, you will happy that you lost much less weight than expected or at some cases that you haven’t lost weight at all! Thanks to boxing, this is a real weight control option to consider…

Another real reason why you should box is because not only it builds you up physically but also mentally. You literally sweat out unwanted substances in your body that in turn allows you to clear your mind. If you truly dedicate yourself to this sport and accept it as a part of your life wholeheartedly, you will have a gradual increase in attention span, focus, and clear thinking and a decrease in unwanted thoughts, laziness and overall fatigue. Most of all this sport really does help with goal setting and ambitions in other areas of life. So, why not give boxing a try? You don’t have to compete to be a pro at this sport…

A lot of people are hesitant when it comes to boxing because they think they will get hurt. This is not the case when you got a good coach around and others that are willing to practice & learn with you. This is certainly the case out our gym. We keep a %100 positive attitude with a great coach named Alex when we are training. We will teach you how to be light and effective with your punches and at the same time light with your feet so that you can move around faster. And, one of the best parts about coming here is that we always like to switch things up; because we know the body needs to be introduced new techniques and maneuvers from time to time. Now, that’s how you achieve great results!

If you are interested in boxing & fitness or if you would like to get in touch with us, please do not hesitate to contact us today by clicking here, calling us: 416-569-9381 or emailing us at: . We are always looking forward to be training you, motivating you and seeing YOU here because we know your health & wellness means everything to you and it also means everything to us, your Golden Gloves Fitness team. We would like to wish you all the best with your fitness goals and in your future achievements and we are always looking forward to be in touch with you, your friends, family and anybody who wishes to improve their overall physical & mental health.